Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Giving up.

I am giving up;
On profection. I will never be perfect, so I'm done trying to try.
On obessessing. The floor will get dirty five seconds after you sweep, mop, dry it. Laundry wil Never be done. And for the love of God, you have a dishwasher that cleans dishes, it won't kill you if the dishes go in it dirty, with a few crumbs...just no caked on food.
On being rigid. I CAN try new things, it's okay...I'm not cheating on the old, and I may like it.
On hiding my love for "boybands". Two exciting things are happening! New Kids On the Block are getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame & Take That are releasing a new album in a few short weeks, which means a singles is coming soon...ooooh the fan-girl in me is doing high kicks and cabbage patches!
On sweets. Ooh this is a hard one, harder then the perfection thing! I have a wicked sweet tooth. Okay so being realistic, I'm not cold turkey-ing...but serious effort is being put forth. 
Avoiding. As in my health, exercise, vegetables. Yeah, it's TIME. 

I realize that life isn't about keeping tallies of things we want to change. But being grateful for the oppertunities to allow change to help us grow and bear fruit.