About Me

Sass comes natural to me.

I am the daughter of an absentee Father and authoritative Mother.

I am the younger sibling of a bully sister.

I am the Wife of a kind-hearted and trustworthy man named Robert; who is very much a Rob and not anything like a Bob.

I am the Mother of a sass-in-training daughter, whom I call Butter because when I first held her in my arms and everytime after; she smelt of warm melted butter.

I am the Mother of a silly-heart boy whom I call Roo because when they opened my tummy he kicked himself out of my “pouch”.

I am the pack leader to Piper, the ever so sassy miniature schnauzer.

I am the queen to a princess' cats, Tabitha and Bella Rascelini.

I am a follower of Christ.

I am a writer, blogger, reader, searcher of facts and truth.

I am a lover of music, naps and desserts first.

I am a home maker.

I am a survivor of depression.

I am an interpreter of sass.