Friday, August 22, 2008

These days.

The kiddos are camping with Nana and Papa. It has been a nice break. Hubby is working on stripping the wallpaper of of Roo's room. It has been a feat 4 years in the making! I sware I will NEVER wallpaper. Or buy a home if it's wallpapered. That will be in the purchase agreement! It must be removed and wall primed to be painted. Man, I hate the stuff!
Now that I've vented, we have had a wonderful day by ourselves. We worked a little, shopped a little and ate dinner at my favorite place. Buca De Beppo. Awe, I LOVE Buca. The bread, the spaghetti, the sangria, the canolli. Yummy! I'm glad I have left overs I'm getting hungry.
Summer is winding down here and it feels good. I am looking forward to the schedule again. I do better on it. The free- wheeling what should we do today drives me crazy. I like plans. For my last few hours of child-less-ness I plan to finish my book I've been reading for two weeks! Two weeks! It normally takes me 3-4 days. Oh well...Off I go.

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