Sunday, September 14, 2008


People of the world, okay people who read this blog I have a confession! I am getting OLD! Not the aging gracefully with wisdom. The, "what in the heck is going on with this body?" kind of old! Yesterday as I sat here going through my emails I was rubbing my chin when suddenly to my horror I felt a tug. I raced to the bathroom for my trusty magnifying mirror and saw IT. The inch long hair growing out of my chin! YEWWW! I am now a troll! Next will be the wart. Seriously, WHY doesn't someone warn you about such things?
I plucked it out and for the rest of the day obsessively checked for more.
I don't like this. It is just like when you get pregnant and all these "things" start happening to your body. Things NOBODY tells you will happen, and then you feel like a moron when you ask your Doctor about it. I am here to stand up and say YES! hair does grow in weird places, you will at some point burp or pass gas in a completely awkward situation. You will sneeze and wet your pants. And you will completely forget a conversation you had just moments before.
If you are a man reading this, you picked the wrong day to tune in. Sorry. But lets not pretend weird things don't grow on you! They do and I'd be happy to lend you my mirror to prove the point, you'll have to get your tweezers though.
As for you women, Rejoice that you are not alone. I have seen and felt the shame. I am going out right now to splurge on beauty treatments.

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