Friday, November 14, 2008

Is it Up or Down?

Nothing but Christmas music can lift my spirits out of the funky funk That posted itself yesterday.

I spent hours is it up or down loading Christmas cds to the computer to then up or down load them into ipity. (That is MY name for my ipod, I pity the foul who touches my music!) or I so pity, (meaning pretty, but said as my son says it.)

So is it UP or DOWN load?

Hours. Spent. And of course I had to do them ALL. Even Hubby's 4 Elvis one and the Jackson 5. How MANY times do you want to hear Elvis sing Blue Christmas? (Me, not once. I like his version of Sliver Bells and Holly Leaves and Christmas trees.)

So now if I want a song I have to search through the albums. No no no. I can't be searching and driving...there must be a PLAYLIST of favorites. And it must be mixed properly. Hours.

And there are versions of songs and you must choose and choose wisely because the whole list depends on the mix and versions and you must not put 2 Nat King Cole songs near one another, because then it sounds like it's his album and not a mix.

Then I realize that not anywhere in the 50 or so cds is Bing Crosby's White Christmas. Hello. It is the classic. itunes here I come. Then of course I had to have Burl Ives singing Frosty and the real Rudolph the Red nose reindeer song. And I remembered that gorgeous song sung by Faith Hill on the Grinch. And that my friends is my Favorite *NEW* Christmas song, followed closely by Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas, but that one has been out for awhile so it may move into the classics soon.

My favorite album: Celine Dion/These are the Special Times.

My favorite Classic album: Nat King Cole/ The Christmas Tree

My favorite classic song: White Christmas.

Favorite Christmas song of all time: O Holy Night.

The version that made my list...

Martina McBride.

Why did I choose her over all the others?

It starts with just her voice. Her God given voice singing in all it's wondrous glory the beautiful words...then when the music comes it adds this layer of goodness that if it were a dessert you couldn't speak because your mouth is savoring the taste, so are my ears savoring the sound of her buttery and Delicious voice. And the words!

O holy night the stars are brightly shining

It is the night of our dear saviors birth

Long lay the world in sin and error pining....

I get chills EVERY time I hear this song.

So how about a little caroling?

Tell me your favorites. No, I don't think it's to early to talk about Christmas music, if you've stepped foot into a store lately it's on.
I also would like to do a Mr. Linky thing about showing each other our beautiful trees. Like an online open house. Sometime in Mid-December.
What do y'all think of that?


  1. I LOVE the tree idea!!! I'm in if you do it!! And if you can believe it, I don't have a fav Xmas song...I like them all!! However, I am totally impressed that you spent so many hours UPloading :).....I would have lost interest after about 1/2 hour and asked my teenager to do it!!!

    btw, the doors did feel as heavy as they looked!!! I loved opening them. Some were very smooth and others were rough and was very cool!

  2. I maintain we MUST have been separated at birth. Seriously, WOW, anything I could have said about the music you totally covered. And I Heart your ipity, lol.

    Blessings, Whit

  3. Oh, honey, I've already been into the Christmas music big-time for the last week! And your "ipity" completely cracked me up. I have to share that with my teenagers. Hey, I'm going to do a vlog carnival called "I See What You're Saying, Christmas Edition" on Dec. 30. I would love you to join in. I"m posting the info next week. Can't say what my fav carol/song is, but I do love Carol of the Bells.

  4. I love all of your favorites! :)So we do have a few things in common. :)

    There is an arrangement that I have been loving the last few years at Christmas. It is Pachalbel's Canon in D with a Merry Christmas song - very pretty!

    Lovet the tree idea!

  5. now you know your christmas music girlfriend! wowza. i'm sorta jealous. hey, i'm game for the tree carnival. sounds fun!

  6. Love the idea. And since I'm a geekette, I'm going to say it's "importing" the CDs and "uploading" them to your iPity.

    If you like Christmas music you SO should listen to Kevin Max's (the "hot" - questionable - one from DC Talk) Holy Night. A-maz-ing. It is my all time fave.

  7. Fun. I love "Christmastime is here," the Sixpence version. Erin O'Donnell has an awesome Christmas CD, if you like jazzy, bluesey music.

  8. Now you're speakin' my language, sister....Christmas music. I can't get enough of it, and it's driving my hubby nuts that I'm listening to it already.

    Oh Holy Night is my absolute all time fave too. I'll have to listen to the Martina version.

    My favorites are the classics, with that old Sinatra-esque feel to them, but there are so many I can't begint to list them all.

  9. I love your excitement! I really do, it's inspiring. I wasn't thinking about Christmas too much, but now I am.

    Did you know that Sara Groves put out her first Christmas album recently. It's good too! Of course.

  10. Love Bing, love Burl--and would love to locate an album my folks always played when I was a kid--it was some sort of gift LP that they got from a tire store. Then there was another one that was some kind of promotional from KFC--and it was awesome! I keep Christmas music on my ipod all year...


  11. Too funny!

    I have a couple of favorite Christmas CD's that I listen too repetitively.

    Manheim Steamroller~Christmas Celebrations

    An Old English Christmas

    The Carols of Christmas (windham hill collection)

    A Charlie Brown Christmas~Vince Guaraldi Trio original soundtrack

    Mistletoe and Merriment

  12. Great list and I love love love Martina's version of O Holy is my all time favorite Christmas song...her version and Celine Dion's are my favorites although Josh Grobin has a lovely voice as well.


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