Monday, December 8, 2008

Siesta Ornament Exchange

One of my favorite things is going through my boxes of ornaments each year as we put up the Christmas tree. Each year growing up we got an ornament, or Mom saved the ornaments that we made in school, or I got them as gifts. There isn't an ornament on the tree that doesn't have a story.

Here is the one that was sent to me by Adrienne. In her note she said she"hoped it would look good on my tree." I wish she would have told me why she chose it and sent it my way. Then I'd have a story...

For now it will always be known as Adrienne's Angel that came from Tennessee in a box full of foam peanuts and bubble wrap!

Isn't she lovely? Thank you Adrienne. She DOES look beautiful on our tree.


  1. It is a lovely ornament! My fav thing is decorating the tree, too.

  2. =) My mom's tree was like that, too -- all the ornaments had a story. I started that with my husband when we got married, too, and it just makes decorating the tree that much fun!

  3. Hi Sara!

    Well, here's the story....

    I had been looking for just the right ornament for a while, and everything I saw was breakable, so I passed them all by, knowing I had to ship this ornament to MN. So I decided instead to get you a "Rock City Barn" ornament (you know the red barn, with a black roof with 'See Rock City' painted on the roof. We live near Chattanooga, and of course Rock City is on top of Lookout Mtn here in Chattanooga. So that would have been a regional Tennessee ornament for you. Good plan, right??? So I went to Cracker Barrel, where I have got Rock City ornaments in the past, and when I walked in, they had a tree full of these angel ornaments, with gold trim and white lights, the Christmas music was playing, and it just looked beautiful. And I just knew that I needed to get you one of the angels. So there you have it!

    I will post a picture of the ornament you sent me on my tree.


  4. what a sweet ornament and a great memory of your blog friend for years to come. great idea!

  5. It's very beautiful. I have my post up about the Siesta Exchange if you'd like to stop on by. My personal blog is in my profile "Because I Love You."

  6. Greetings Sara,

    I got an ornament every year growing up or have a handmade school treasure too.

    What a lovely ornament from Adrienne in Tennessee - she is precious. We met at the Siesta Fiesta in SA. I like the name you gave to your angel.

    So nice to meet you!

  7. love the ornament. hey wanted to tell you that I won't be able to get my pictures up tomorrow. I am still in Dallas and will be here till at least the weekend.

    I will get them up when I get home though!

  8. oh no, I did forget. I'll have to jump on the bandwagon later, as I had pre-published a post. This time of year is just crazy. Love your ornament.


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