Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today I'm Honest.

I love awards, especially if there is a crown involved. Although this award didn't come with a crown it came with sincere friendship. Which for me is priceless. Wendy over at Every Day Miracles tagged me the compliment that I am honest in my writings on this blog. But it comes with "rules". Along with the award I must post 10 honest things. Like, really honest things. Things that I normally wouldn't shout from a roof top, but whisper to my dearest friend. HMMM, If I accept this award I must tell things...isn't that like some kind of blackmail?? But of course I WANT the award, I don't want to be known as the "one that wasn't honest."

  1. I do not like fake or false people. I avoid situations where I am around them. (This includes family gatherings.) The Spirit in me WILL not rest until I have called out the "lie"
  2. I am VERY hard on myself. Self forgiveness is not something I'm good at.
  3. I have been told I'm sensitive. I LIKE that about myself. I don't like it being implied that I'm "crazy". (I will then GO crazy to prove I'm not crazy, only making myself look totally crazy) Y'all got that right?
  4. Wendy said this best: I am afraid to open up to people and love them completely because: a) I am terrified that after getting to know me they will not like me at all, b) I am afraid they will hurt me, and c) I am afraid I will lose them.
  5. I cry when I get pulled over. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I am deathly afraid of authority. (I could NEVER steal. I can't even imagine... I'd drop dead.) oh, and I haven't been pulled over since I had children, except that one time I was late to bible study...The guy actually LAUGHED at me when he asked "Where are you going in such a hurry?" and I choked out through my tears "bible study." Then he saw the bible and book in the front seat, he let me go. SHEESH! That was 3 years ago.
  6. I struggle with doubt. And obedience. BIG TIME.
  7. I worry that I'm going to screw up my kids. I can yell. I get mad easy. I also am quick to give hugs and say I'm sorry.
  8. I worry about being a considerate wife. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in MY stuff, I forget HE might not have had an easy day either...
  9. I love my blog friends. I have come to rely on many of you. I think of you often and wish I could fly around and visit. As humble as my home is, I'd throw open my door and welcome you in, right after I wiped out the sink and wiped down the'd have to ignore the dishes, because THOSE aren't my job. (It was in the vows...Hubby does the dishes.)
  10. I am not a morning person. My children are up before me and feed themselves breakfast. I NEED coffee before I allow talking to joke people. Ask Hubby, the kids or my friend Pollie. THEY know.

Now I'm suppose to tag some of you to be honest...

Jenni@ Conversations with my hairdryer

Brittany @ Becoming Me

Rach @ In his Hands

Heidi @ Minnesotamom

I chose you guys because we are new to each other's blogs and I want to get to know you better. So it's your choice whether you want to take the honest challenge. I was suppose to pick 10 people but , frankly, I hardly ever get 10 comments so I doubt 10 people are even reading this. It says I have 26 followers but some of them might be fake? Not fake people but fake followers...i don't anyway I narrowed it down to 4. If you weren't mentioned and would like to do it...go for it!


  1. I had a fantastic time yesterday, too! I'm happy to have provided Roo with a golden angel to love. Thanks again for organizing!
    I accept your honest reward/challenge. Honestly, I will post as soon as I'm brave enough. ;-)

  2. OK, I'm so bummed...I missed the tree show off. I thought it was the 15th? I had even downloaded my pics off the camera and everything:(

    10 honest things...I'll have to think on it and get back to you.

  3. Yay!! Great post Sara. I'm glad you did it. I know it wasn't exactly an easy one to do.

    And I wholeheartedly agree that your tree tour was lots and lots of fun. Glad you thought of it! :)

  4. I had a great time yesterday too and I'm so glad you hosted. Today I've enjoyed your honesty!

  5. I'm a follower, fo' real! ;)

    I loved your comments, and I feel you on the morning person thing! I agree! I need AT LEAST one hour of quiet when I get up before I'll BEGIN to be nice -- and a couple cups of coffee. ;)

    I loved the trees yesterday! I agree with you -- as good as driving around looking at lights!

  6. i'm still high off of yesterday. you ROCK sister. that was such a fabulous idea and huge hit. way to go.

    ahem, and #7..see my hand in the air?

    i like you sara, i really, really do!

  7. Sara....ok. I feel so terrible that I missed your Tree Carnival. I had every intention of participating...heck, I even took pics of my tree. But I have been flat on my back, sick, for the past few days, and I couldn't even look at my computer. I logged on for a few minutes and made it through a few of the participants, and then my body just rebelled against me and I went back to bed. But anyway! I loved seeing your tree and hearing what each ornament means to you all. Just beautiful.

    And...I'm a real follower, even if I don't make it over here to comment every day. Love ya, girl!

  8. What a great list!!!! And I can relate to it alot.


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