Sunday, February 22, 2009

Intelligent Conversation.

Lately it has become blatantly obvious that I do not have many intelligent conversations.
Here is how I know.
I forget where I JUST set down my keys.
The camera is NEVER in the last place I put it; or I can't remember the last place I put it; or it is in the car and the battery has died (AGAIN) from the cold.
Can somebody invent a camera that has a beep you can punch to find it, like the cordless phones have??
Where was I?
Oh, yeah, intelligent conversations.
Do you know I heard a word used on the news the other day and I thought "I have never heard that word before."
Then I ramble on to my Husband about the silly word. What did it mean? Why didn't they just say (the dumbed down version of the word)
Did you know I'm horrible at those crossword puzzles?
For one I'm an awful, poor, dreadful, ghastly, atrocious speller.
(Were you impressed with that? Don't be I looked up horrible in the thesaurus.)
Lovely thing; a thesaurus.
I had to go back 3 times to make sure I had the spelling right on thesaurus...
Why am I admitting that?
It is pathetic really. You could say any word to me over two syllables and I'd have to either ASK (the easy way) or look it up (the hard way)
When I was younger and we didn't have computers to help us spell I would ask my mom how do you spell...?
And she would say "Look it up?"
Well, how do you look a word up when you can't SPELL it.
The whole point of finding the word is knowing how to spell it.
What if you don't know the first letter?
Like ostentatious.
What if I, being a phonetic speller, would think it went awestentacious...
Therefore I'd be in the freakin' A's and not the O's where I would really find the word.
I love the other words that the thesaurus gives for ostentatious:
pompous,flamboyant,showy, pretentious. (all of which are over my head and out of my spelling comfort zone. 6 letters max please. Well, maybe showy isn't but how would I use "showy" without sounding ostentatious?)

Does this ever happen to you?
You are reading a chapter in a book, an article in the newspaper or a verse in the bible and just after you finish reading it, you can't recall a single thing you just read?
All the time, this happens to me. My brain is on toddler speed I think.

It seems impossible for me to carry on an intelligent conversation, unless you are under the age of 8 because I can talk Jonas brothers and HSM with the best of them.
That vocabulary consists of : cute, super-cute, like so super-cute.

Would you believe I have been working on this post so long I forgot my original point?

The point now would be: If you want an intelligent conversation or even an intelligent post you are reading the wrong blog!

Do you know why I never talk politics? It's not because it is like the forbidden subject or's because my words aren't big enough. Sara Thesaurus is about 12 pages front and back long. Not the standard 1,000 +.
I had a "debate" once with one of Rob's liberal friends that I finally ended it with "well, your guy is just stupid. He has stupid ideas and lame plans and did I say stupid already?" He laughed at me.
I can decipher the most subtle emotion and how it FEELS. I just don't have the vocabulary. I feel things better then I SAY things. My head is always about 10 feet behind my emotions.
I'm the person you can come to: to rant over things, or cry or get validation.
I'm not the one you want to ask about career advice or stock portfolios or can you be the next American Idol.
The kind of intelligence I have isn't words, it's in the heart.


  1. Girl, how did you crawl into my brain and then write out what I was just thinking yesterday?!

    My parents were visiting this weekend. We all played Cranium together of the game are to answer various trivia questions or spell words, or guess definitions of words. Yea, none of those are my strong-point. My dad is like a whiz at stuff like that, but the rest of us completely had to guess.

    Those are times that I realize that I don't know very much at all, but you know what......I was sitting around having a blast with people that I love. And they don't care one bit if I know what the word turgid means (which I now know means pompous).

    I agree it's all about the heart.

    Anyone who disagrees with me is so "turgid". :-)

  2. i read things over and over again all the time. there were parts of your post just now that i had to reread again...not because of you, but because i am a s.l.o.w reader and it just takes me a few times. i use the thesaures ALL the time. i like words and enjoy the challenge of learning how to spell was actually one of my favorite subjects to teach my students. we would play fun games and stuff with spelling...

    see, now i am rambling...typing has a way of doing that. i'll's all intelligent to me, keeping my interest...that's pretty intelligent, you have a way of doing always keep my attention!


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