Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodbye Drainy, Leaky and Lemon.

Drainy, you are a pathic accuse for a dishwasher. You have one job and can't even do that right.
We feed you, you get nightly baths and yet you still ca not grasp that your only job is to wash and dry dishes. We have even scrubbed them of all food particle for you so all you then must do is sanitize them, and yet how sanitary is it when you leave water in the bottom?
Oh, how I dispise you Drainy and I've got news for you.
"Your FIRED."
It will be my pleasure to pull you from your place and unplug you!
You my, undrained one, have been replaced.
I am tired of hearing you motor humming allow day in day out as if never shutting off. I am tired of receiveing notices from our eletric company saying we use 400% more "juice" then our neighbors. You have frozen your last cube, chilled your last grape. You are being retired. You and all you cracked drawers and old art. Something new and energystar rated is taking your place.
I have glared at your gappy seal for the last time!

And finally Lemon.
It is not suppose to take 20 mintues to bake a sheet of cookies. It is not suppose to tske two hours to bake some chicken. I should not have to turn my temp dial to 500 degrees to get you to warm to 350.
Preheating you takes longer then it took God to create the EARTH, and even then you are a sick sight. It's no wonder the gas company hounds us!
Goodbye Drainy, Leaky and Lemon I hope you enjoy the dump, I will enjoy your REPLACEMENTS!


  1. i look forward to hearing the names of the new additions to your home soon!!

  2. HAHAHA!! I laughed so hard at this blog! It made my day.

    Hair on my neck doesn't bother me like hair in my face does. I LOVE bangs but I can't do them because they are In. My. Face. Lol!

  3. It's like the Swiffer commercial. Your dishwasher is going to start singing, "Baby, Come Back."

  4. HAHA!!Good stuff. Loved all the pictures. :)

    Getting new appliances is very exciting!!

  5. Again I say it - you are so funny! Are you really getting all new appliances? Lucky you!

  6. Oh, how fun - new appliances would make me positively giddy! When are they coming?

    Linda's comment cracked me up - those commercials are awesome. :)

  7. Sounds like a relief, albeit an expensive one!!!


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