Friday, March 27, 2009

Hell-o New, Newer, and Newest

If you will recall Leaky, Drainy and Lemon have all found a sanctuary at the dump.
Do I feel guilty for abandoning appliances that have served me for the last 5 years.
Meet my new slaves *cough* appliances.
The stove...I've already put her to work and she stunk up the whole place. She needs a good talking to later, but lunch couldn't wait.
What I LOVE about her is she's white, there is NO place for splatters to hide. Hubby is a messy cook. (We can't all be as gifted as I...that is a joke peeps) So it will ensure a good bathing every night before bed. She's lucky my kids don't even get that. (that's not a joke, but I'm not going there today.)

What I have found is her drawer is smaller. Now I will get to get a lid cover organizer...I've been wanting one...

Next we have Fridgy. All clean and spacious. Drawers side out, liners were included. Oh the J.O.Y.
We went side by side. We wanted an ice maker, I was tired of doing it. I hate making ice. I could never make it to the freezer without spilling the darn water everywhere. Hated it.

I even purged magnets and crap that had accumulated over the last 5 years. You know notes, schedules, recipes...

She has a lock and alarm on her that tells us when she was left open. If only she came with a camera that would take the culprits picture for evidence. And the lock will come in handy when the kids think they can just come and get water. I mean really what do they think I leave to toilet seat up for???
But I am going to lock it because I do not repeat do not want them playing in the water. Or ice.

Do you ever notice how many condiments you have?

I was shocked at the number. Dressings with maybe a tablespoon left. Seriously, throw it out!
Different jellies, cause NOBODY likes the same kind in my house. I now have a "system" to the shelves and have already chewed Hubby out for not paying attention. He just threw the bag of lettuce right on the CLEARLY coded dairy shelf! I mean seriously, can you not see it's butter, sour cream, eggs and cheese ONLY? Then I have the relish/veggie/berry shelf. You know the pickles and olives. They need there own place and finally a left-over shelf. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING but left-overs or making tonight food go on this shelf. I am determined to keep the funk out of my new fridge.
And finally let's meet the real reason for all this party...the dishwasher!

Isn't she BEA-U-TI-FUL?

Oh you gorgeous, gorgeous girl. I'm not going to lie I have high hopes for you. I was guaranteed that you would clean dishes without rinsing. Not that I would dare try it...but I don't do dishes Hubby does and he well, anything to get out of the kitchen faster.
The sweetest thing was poor Roo, he was really upset that the "mens were taking our stuff."
But once he realized they were replaced with newer ones he really liked it. When Butter came home from school he ran to the door and grabbed her hand to show her the new appliances and asked "See, our new sove and refriderater and disthwater. You likes dem?"
OH YES. I likes dem A LOT!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! They are wonderful and beautiful and will make your life so much easier. :)

    I know what you mean about the condiments. When we had to repair our fridge and in the process emoty it completely - I couldn't believe all that I had accumulated. I guess it's good to take inventory every now and then. :)

    Good luck with that coded system on fridge contents... :)

    Still laughing over the toilet seat comment.

  2. They are all beautiful! I'mn sure you will have a lasting relationship with each one!

  3. Oooooh I love me some new appliances. CONGRATS! Talk about a Fantastic kick off to Spring Cleaning!! Hope to give you a call tomorrow my friend.


  4. SU-WEET! Those are gorgeous!

    When I (finally) cleaned out my fridge this week I was shocked at all the many unnecessary jars and bottles that were in there. Crazy. Old, expired junk that I had completely forgotten about.

  5. Oh the simple joys of being a woman...a new stove, fridge & dishwasher! It doesn't get much better than that! ENJOY!

  6. You made me laugh with this post and all your witty comments in it. I got all new appliances 4 years ago- first time ever and what a treat!

  7. We purchased an ice maker for our fridge before we were even married. Bickering over who takes care of the ice would have done our marriage in for sure! :-)


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