Friday, March 20, 2009

In Their Words...

Ever wonder what your family thinks of you?

Ask them. I did. I got some clever answers. My answers and comments are in (*).

#1) What is something your mom/wife always says to you?

Roo: No (this is true I do say no a lot to him, you would too if you heard "can I have a cookie/treat/snack every 5 minutes.)

Butter: You love me

Hubby: I love you

(Good they are both listening! :)

#2) What makes your mom/wife Happy?

Roo: When I give you hugs. (true DAT. I do love me some Roo hugs.)

Butter: When I play nice with my brother. (also true. Nothing makes my heart sing like watching my children play nicely.)

Hubby: Quiet. (Oh , this man knows me.)

(I enjoy being around my family when there is no arguing going on...)

#3) What makes your mom/wife sad?

Roo: When I broke your book light. (Yes, that did make me really sad. I'm glad he remembers that...he is much more AWARE of touching things.)

Butter: When Sherri's (my sister) not being nice to you. (wise beyond her years.)

Hubby: Your Family. (Painfully true.)

(Rob got this one right. That and sin.)

#4) How do you know your mom/wife loves you?

Roo: You give me high fives. (I do. and Nugs and hugs and KISSES)

Butter: You play with my hair. (I was surprised by how true this is, Not a time goes by when she'll sit by me and I will end up stroking her hair.)

Hubby: The things you do for me. (Keep it clean ladies, he's talking make his lunch and leave him notes...not be his dessert.)

(I enjoy doing things for the ones I love, not to "get something in return" but because I have the time, energy and want to do it. I like being NICE)

#5) How does your mom/wife make you laugh?

Roo: Tickle me. (He is SO ticklish!)

Butter: When you say silly stuff. (I try.)

Hubby: When you act goofy. (Did I miss my calling? I should be a comedian!)

(I try to keep things light, I'll dance around or sing or make faces. I spend too much time caring about feelings...I'm working on loosening up.)

#6) How old is your mom/wife?

Roo: 59 (I couldn't understand him at first. Asking him to repeat himself only makes him angry, so I said 59? and he said yes. Ok then.)

Butter: 34

Hubby: Right now or next week? 34.

(birthday coming up. My girl is well aware of our ages and will tell anyone.)

#7) What is your mom/wife's favorite thing to do?

Roo: Vacuum da fwar. (Vacuum the floor? HUH? I might bust it out weekly.)

Butter: Play with me. (This is part true. I can only handle it for so long, she gets really bossy.)

Hubby: Read.

(Yes, I do enjoy reading...take me away...take me away.)

#8) If your mom/wife became famous, what would it be for?

Roo: Dressing up. (cool. Fashion!)

Butter: Numbers. (Umm, not quite the mathematician.)

Hubby: Writing.

(Hmmm, maybe writing.)

#9) What is your mom/wife's favorite food?

Roo: Salad. (LOL! Yeah if I ate more of those I'd be the perfect weight!)

Butter: Chili. (we just had it for dinner.)

Hubby: Spagetti. (Could be in the top 5)

(I can not believe my family didn't get this one! Hello! Desserts! That's it I need to get baking!)

#10) What is your mom/wife really good at?

Roo: Baseball. (I have no idea.)

Butter: Playing games. (As in board not head.)

Hubby: Raising kids. (AH! Not just our kids but kids. How nice to hear THAT!.)

(I am good at a lot of things one of the things I pride myself on is common sense and anticapation of needs. Oh, and being honest. I can cook a good meal, drive well. I bargin shop well. I'm organized. I could list a gazillion things.)

#11) If your mom/wife could be on a TV show what show would she be on?

Roo: Jon & Kate plus 8. (I do watch this a lot. So would I be Kate then or one of the kids? I should ask him...)

Butter: American Idol.

Hubby: The Bachelor. Wait your married. American Idol.

(Seriously?! I can't sing people. I would start bawling when Simon told me it was Horrendous. They wouldn't even let you sing in a Karaoke bar...As much as I love to WATCH AI I don't want to be on it. I would like to be on a soap. How fun would it be to live out THOSE crazy story lines?)

#12) How are you and your mom/wife the same?

Roo: Like to comb our hair. (He hates combing his hair! I have no idea...)

Butter: We have the same color hair. (sort of. I color mine and hers is a bit darker, but it's what she sees that matters.)

Hubby: Our values. (Oh very true.)

#13) How are you and your mom/wife different?

Roo: I have this hair and you that. (He has short hair. I have longer hair. What is it with him and hair?)

Butter: I have brown eyes and you have blue. (Well, bluish/green but ok.)

Hubby: I'm more easy going. (Yes. He is.)

#14) What does your mom/wife like most about you?

Roo: Hugs. (True. I could snuggle with this boy 22/7)

Butter: My sass. (also true. It may drive me crazy at times, but I sure DO love her spunk!)

Hubby: My work ethic. (Sort of. It's not my FIRST choice, but ok.)

(What I love about each of them is their ability to put up with me. I can be so crabby or sad and they never give up on me. Either with a hug or a comment or just listening they are always there for me. I love that we are a TRUE family. Nothing like the family I was raised in and much like the one Rob came from.)

#15) What is your mom/wife's favorite color?

Roo: Pink (Typical boy answer for favorite girl color, plus we were in my bedroom which is pink right now.)

Butter: Purple. (She's good. She knows her mama. I do love purple.)

Hubby: Red. (Yes. I like red too.)

(My favorite color depends on what we're talking about. Car: Silver. Shoes/clothes: Black. Food: Red. Flower: Pink. and my mood. I love looking at blue...water and sky. I love walking on green. )

#16) What is your mom/wife's favorite animal?

Roo: Polar bear. (Top 10.)

Butter: Panda bear. (She got it!)

Hubby: Tabitha. (our cat) With Paper a close second. (our dog). Oh wait, animal not pet...umm, leapord. (No. You should have stuck with the pets honey.)

(Buttercup knows her mama. I can only hope I know her as well!)

This was fun. I loved hearing what the kiddos thought. Butter was worried about having the "right" answers but I assured her there were none. But she does know me well and she is a good listener. Roo had some trouble concetrating, but he's four and boys can't sit still. Rob's answers are usaully right on but sometimes he'll catch me off gaurd and I rethink MY answer.


  1. How fun was that?? This is a piece that will age well. You can pull it out 20 years from now and ooh, ahh, & cry over it. It's amazing what they see isn't it?

    Blessings, Carolynn

  2. I like this! What fun reading what you kids and hubby are thinking.

  3. that was great. you know even now when my daughter comes home from college she will sit by me and ask me to play with her hair!!! :)

  4. Sooo cute! Our little boy hates it when we ask him to repeat things too, but sometimes ya gotta! I'm afraid to ask my fam these questions, not sure if they would do as well, haha!

  5. That is so awesome! Definitely save this for when your kids get older. How fun!

  6. hmm, these answers were all so great...makes me scared what my family's answers would be. this was also a fun way to learn more about you!

    you ol' foggie you! ☺ 59...sheesh, but funny!

  7. how fun! what a great way to connect with your family and see things from their point of view. bravo to you for being brave with the answers! what a nice family you have to listen and watch one another so well!


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