Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The one where I ask...

1) You are opening a restaurant, what is your signature dessert?
2)Would you prefer to push mow or tractor mow your yard?
3)Do you "groom" your husband?
4)What was your favorite year in school? Why?
My answers:
1) The Strawberry Sara. Angel Food cake cubed with fresh strawberries topped with a mascarpone cheese and whip cream topping and a side of dark chocolate bar.
2) Tractor! Love my tractor. Now all I need is a sunshade on it and I'd be on it all day. Also I'd ride it on the winter too with we had a plow for it.
3)Yes. Can't stand ear hair/back hair and uni brows! Get r waxed!
4)third grade. It's when I discovered boys were cute and I had about 4 crushes!!!!! Pete was dark haired blued eyed and shy. Joey was blond and brown eyed and cocky/jockey. Kyle was brown haired/brown eyed and he was sweet, and helpful. and Aaron I could bully him! I had a great teacher that let me be myself instead of "talking" to me all the time. It was a year I felt confidant in my smartness and I didn't have glasses yet.


  1. 1. blackberry cobbler. mainly because I just made one the other night and it was soooo good!!!

    2. neither....I don't mow. that's my boys job!!! :) But if I had to pick, it would be tractor. Only someone like maybe jillian on biggest loser would want to PUSH a mower!!

    3. No. No need, he's a perfectionist.

    4. I have a hard time picking a year. mainly because I loved school....not the school as in learning...but school as in it was my social playground!!!

  2. Haha! I love your answers, especially to No. 4!

    1. I think if I opened up a restaurant, it would be nothing BUT desserts! But if I had to choose one speciality...Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

    2. Hire someone. HAHA!

    3. Yes. I pick his haircuts and his clothes...I wish he'd wax his eyebrows! ;)

    4. I really liked college MUCH better than any school year, but I guess 4th grade would have been my favorite year cause of the BFF I had then and that I didn't have too much homework then, lol! Or 11th boyfriend, good friends, prom...One of those two. =)

  3. 1. man that is a tough one! something with chocolate and ice cream would be included!
    2. tractor baby...although we laugh at the folks around here who ride on them who have a yard the size of a parking spot. so we have a push.
    3. sorta. i named his nose hairs in the past outta frustration so he understood my code word venting in public. get those gross things cut will ya!
    4. wow, good question. probably my junior year in high school. loved it!

    btw...i've never heard of mascarpone cheese to look that one up!

  4. 1- Toasted coconut's recipe.
    2- Push mow! I'm not allowed to use the riding lawnmower on account of an accident with a fence...
    3- Nope, he does okay on his own so far...but I do dress him. Had to say bye-bye to carpenter jeans and tapered khakis when he met me.
    4- 5th grade!! I was voted class president (oooh) and had my biggest crush ever as my opponent...I beat the socks off him, and then we held hands on the play ground (he must have liked a woman with power) and lived happily ever after, for about two months.

  5. BTW - I'm still on chapter 2 of the last HP book...I'll holler at ya when I finished so we can dish it!


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