Friday, May 15, 2009

The one where I'm taught.

I have learned a lot this week. I've learned the inner workings of my mind. I've learned that as much as I read I'm still a terrible speller. I've learned that if you don't watch your potatoes closely you'll end up with mashed potato salad instead of potato salad! I've learned that yes, Edward DID pretty much ruin it for all men. So what if he's pale, I can deal with that. I've learned that my new "fall back" word is Duffenshmirtz. Do you watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel? Yeah, THAT Duffenshmirtz.
It is the word I say when the one I really want can't be said in the presence of young, old or pastor. Not that I spend a lot of time talking to pastors, because frankly I think they run when they see me coming... I'm the one that will ask a BUNCH of questions about what scripture really means and how should I interpret it, were there REALLY dinosaurs and where people around then, how did we go from Adam and Eve having Cain and Able and suddenly there were women for them to marry. Where'd THEY come from. You know, stuff that nags this Geraldo mind.
I learned that penny pinching REALLY sucks. (Not that I didn't already know this, I'm just being reminded.)
I learned that my Husband is really really TOUGH. I'm thinking he should have been the one to have our babies because that man has a tolerance for pain like I've never seen. And I'd love to see him fat!
I learned that my daughter is going to be a Veterinarian. She loves animals and has this way with them. She's not afraid of any animal, though we've never seen snakes up close, but that's not an animal right?
Butter had her field trip on Thursday.(That's her teacher Mrs. Zobitz behind her) We went to a working farm. I was in charge of 3 children. I got lucky and had very good listeners. I was so impressed with Butter though, she'd listen intently and then she was the first one to raise her hand to hold everything. Puppies, kittens, pet the baby calves, goats, sheep, horses, hold the freshly hatched chick. I really really wanted to take one of them chicks home. I want chickens. I know, I know dirty birds. But fresh eggs, and chickens are just plain cool to watch. I like chickens. I like to eat them too. I would not have a hard time killing a chicken if I had too. All the other kids were afraid of the chicks, not Nina, she was very calm and gentle. (No pictures cause I was holding a turkey. Umhmm turkey, it was cool, it fell asleep in my hands, but I have to say turkeys are ugly, even as babies!) The one thing she wasn't allowed to hold which was the one thing she really really wanted to hold was the bunnies. They bite and the farmers weren't going to let the kids get bit, but I'm sure she would have done it regardless of the threat and I'm pretty sure she would NOT have gotten bite because she has a crazy gift with animals. (I don't know if you know this but piglets squeal when they are taken from their mother, or the milk. This piglet was no different, it was LOUD. Then it got to Nina and it stopped for a second as she pet it then went back to squealing. I don't like pigs. But I LOVE bacon!)
One of the more sad things about the farm was seeing a horse that was just born and it wasn't surviving. It was motionless and had it's tongue hanging out. It was too weak to feed so the farmers were trying to feed it every hour and it wasn't getting better. This was fascinating to Butter, she was curious about the whys and hows. All the other kids said "It's dead." and they were off running to the next thing but Butter sat there and watched as the baby's side rose and fell with each breath and how the mother just stared at her sick baby...Butter took it in, she wanted to pet them ad make it better. Rob said she prayed for the pony in her prayers last night. She six, she's quite sassy at times. She tells me "I know mom. I know." I struggle with that, I know she doesn't know, and I want to protect her from the "unknown". I know she has to make mistakes, but what about the ones she not even aware of. She got an up close and personal view of life and death. Some of the other mothers were discussing the inappropriateness of showing the kids the sickly pony, I applauded it. It gave Nina a glimpse of how fragile life is, how things may look easy, but they are not. Things may not be as they seem. I got to see another side of my daughter that I don't get to see often. The girl, who doesn't know everything, who wants to be liked, and thought to be fun, but also one who wants to learn all she can, she's reserved, she's calm, she's alert and helpful.
I'm learning to look past the sass, she uses it to deflect us.
What she really wants is for us to love her no matter what, and that there is a PLACE for her in our hearts and in our family. NO worries there, because just like in this picture...she is at the center of or family. The reliable, loving and smart center. (this is the AM & PM classes for Mrs. Zobitz.)


  1. You know something "Sass" - I've missed you! It's been sometime since I've been bloggin' and I popped in for a spell -- and of course, had some LOL moments here!! Absolutely LOVE your reference to Twilight ... I have become ridiculously infatuated with this series! It's to the point now that I actually blush when I speak of Edward and my guilty pleasure in these books! Insane, I must be .... truly. I honestly think that my husband was starting to become offended by my constant reading - not to mention all the laundry piled up!

    And, I nearly peed when you stated, "I don't like pigs, but I LOVE bacon"!!! Oh, the way your mind works - it's just brilliant entertainment!!

    So glad to have popped in - you really brightened my day!

  2. I remember going on trips to the farm with my kids when they were young. Those trips are always fun! Thank goodness you got a bunch of good kids! I had to laugh when you talked about Butter having a bit of Sass. We know where that came from, right? :)

  3. okay, so first off...i just made mashed potato salad last night and it is nummm nummy. don't care for the big chunks anymore.

    phineas & ferb..yes, well my boys do and so now i'll have to listen for that word.

    the farm? sounds like my inlaws & death all around.

    and butter...she is just simply delicious. such a sweet girl and surely looks like the sunshine spot all around

  4. you crack me up!

    And all those questions you ask the pastor......everyone else wants to know them too..they just won't ask!!!

    I loved going on field trips with my kids. Looks like you had a great day!

  5. You can ask my pastor-hubby questions any time! I do. :-)

    What a fun field trip! I love farms....but my fear of birds keeps me far from the chickens!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Edward. Yeah.


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