Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's what I'm saying...

I wish I had more of my chapters done...every time I go to write more I end up not liking something.
Father's day is rapidly approaching and I haven't a clue what to do for Rob. What I'd love is to ship the kids off to Nana and Papa's for the WHOLE weekend and never get dressed. Ahem, it's suppose to be really hot this weekend. (but where ever your mind may have wondered would be nice too.)
Instead we will be going to the back to the 50's car show at the state fairgrounds. Poptart will be in heaven. I just hope they have the cookie booth open!
Sunday is the Stone Arch Art Festival over in Minneapolis. Sounds like I better stock up on the sunscreen and find my umbrella. I'm gonna be one hot mama!
I am really not a summer weather gal. I like the sunshine, I like the warm days, I just don't like the hot, humid ones. Now before you southern galls get on my case about not knowing what humid is, You Are RIGHT, I've never had your heat. I can already tell you the only time I'd come for a visit is in January. Any heat or humidity drive me crazy. I like winter, layers, you can take layers off, you can't take stuff off in the heat. I'm not starting a Minnesota chapter of stay at home nudist moms. No way.
I remember being in Hawaii and seeing men walking along the beaches in suits that couldn't even have cover a baby's bottom let alone a grown mans! Come to think of it I believe this trip was also the last time I put myself in a bikini. No thanks I like to keep ALL this, to myself.
And speaking of self here's a random factoid for ya:
This morning I woke up from a dream about kissing Bobby Flay.
Bobby FLAY!?!?!?
I have NO idea. He's not even on my top 100 list of handsome men I'd like to dream about kissing. I wasn't up to wee hours watching Throw down either. I don't understand how this mind works and it's mine. Bobby Flay, seriously I need to start watching Australia and Ocean's Eleven again. I hear crying and that can't be a good thing, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the bang and slap I just heard too. Somebody threw something that hit the other so they hit the one that threw it and now they are crying. Gotta go sort it out and give some time outs!
Why can't it ever be ME in the time out?! Mom are the ones that really need the timeouts!
That's what I'm saying!


  1. Hmm... mommy time outs. I'm thinkin' that's a really good idea.

    Dave just got home from work and he took one look at me and asked if I was okay. I told him I just feel like I need to catch my breath. But when does mommy get to do that. I need a time out. :)

  2. you will get your mommy timeouts in a few years, but then instead of needing to catch your breath you will need to catch your mind!!! ha!

    no big FD plans here. my hubby likes to grill brats and sit by the pool....sounds like a plan to me!!

  3. Bwaaahahahaha! As I'm reading I'm muttering out loud, "Bobby Flay?? Girlfriend I MUST send you Australia!" ...and then you said it. At a girl.

    Hope you have a great weekend. I'm with you about the heat - not so much! I like high seventies and jeans and sweater weather. I could really pass on extreme hot and cold.


  4. forget where my thoughts were about your "father's day"...i'm scarred for life on the thought i just had of the speedo hawaiian guy i made up in my mind! yucko.

  5. i'm with ya on the humidity and hot days! i am a layer girl too, the more the better! mild summer days are just fine with me!


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