Monday, October 19, 2009

The house of crab and lobsters

Let me tell you, I've missed you!
No seriously, I was having the darnedest time posting...
Yes, I know I owe you all a winner for the giveaway. But I'm waiting on the author Julie to get back to me. I think it would be cool to have the book signed.
I hit the jackpot at Fleet Farm this last weekend. They had a few more bags of that YUMMY chocolate caramel brownie coffee left. I think I'll let the winner decide, Starbucks card OR the CCB coffee.
I have been in a funk, not just being sick but with the residuals of the talk we had with Rob's folks. I got my book in the mail today, I am a highlighting fiend. It chase you're not certain what book I'm talking about: I purchased TWO Anne Chapmen books called The Mother In Law Dance, can two woman love the same man. I bought one for me and one for my MIL, NOOOOO, I don't plan on giving it to her. Rob does. With a letter he is working on.
I'm not going to open the wounds at the moment because right now I'm feeling OKAY. Earlier today I was a mess, bursting out crying in crazy places. The milk aisle at Sam's club, then I saw lobster tails for under $20, and well frankly, I love lobster more then my in laws these days. They have those rubber bands on there pinchy parts. Wish in laws came with them! These were only the tails, which is where the best meat, I'm not going to say anything.
Just keep praying for me.
On a family note: My son was very sensitive today, late in the day. I found myself walking a very fine line between loosing my temper and trying to understand and console him. His "spider" wasn't right. He wanted this book read not that, then he'd chuck the book at me. My son has never acted like this before, oh he's had melt downs, but this was something more. EVERYthing, and I do mean everything got him upset. What we had for dinner, taking a bath, NOT taking a bath, his pajamas were "itchy", the dog wasn't "nice" to him, I said he could watch Ruff Ruffman, but he went downstairs and watched the Wiggles instead so he missed his chance. Good Grief it was all I could do to finally say "You know what? You are TIRED. Nothing is going to make you happy except sleep and if you give me one more whiney complaint I will loose my temper child."
Poor Rob, who does the bedtimes, couldn't take it. I think he was ready to get the belt out and whoop him. (not that we whoop, but if a belt would have been in reach, it would have met Roo's tush.) I've got a tired Hubby, a crabby son and you know what I barely saw my girl today, she came right home from school and went to play in her room. I saw her for like 20 minutes at dinner, which I spent trying to deal with Roo.
I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they spent all day Friday with Nana & Papa. Rules and schedules fall to the wayside. They went to the Mall of America. Roo went on a very grown up ride TWICE. He was so excited. Butter was treated to the American Girl store and got an outfit for her dolly. Then the waited an HOUR to get into the Rainforest Cafe. I've never known Gary to WAIT anywhere, for ANYthing for an hour. (I'm chuckling here.)
Since I've been sick all last weekend and weekend I haven't been up to my usual strict standards. It's only Monday. (Not chuckling anymore)
I am looking forward to digging into my new book and cooking up those lobster tails!
What's cooking for your week ahead?


  1. still praying for you!! And will be praying for your hubby as he writes that letter and for the heart that will receive it.

    I love me some lobster!!! So wish it wasn't so expensive!!!

  2. That is some heavy stuff. Family issues are emotionally and physically draining...Praying there is peace to come.

    Yummm, lobster! I like lobster anything. I want to go to the New England area and have a lobster roll!

  3. I feel your pain -- hope that in-law stuff settles down. Not everyone can be as "lucky" as me and just take that part of your life out. =)

    We actually ate lobster (or pieces of lobster, ha!) tonight -- date night. And then Kyle decided he needed to come home and mow more than we needed to see a movie. LOL. (It's okay. He's taking me to see it on my b-day, yea!!!)


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