Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Officially I have had two cups of coffee this morning.
Officially it is the best cup of coffee I've had in quite some time, hence the two cups!
You know it's taken me a year to "come over to the dark side". Meaning stop using the fake coffee flavored International Foods coffees and do the real thing and use all those delectably flavored creamers y'all talk about. I've tried several coffee beans and I have to say that the creamer, and lots of it have been my favorite part. Until yesterday.
I had to go to Fleet Farm. If you don't know what a Fleet Farm is I can't really explain it. Just google it. You can find just about ANYTHING there, from ointment for your cows udder to fishing poles, to toys, to paint, to toasters and coffee pots. They may even have kitchen sinks I just haven't explored the whole store, ever. Oh, they have tires too. I know that because of the smell.
Anyhoo, I was there looking for boots.
Officially we had 2.5 inches of snow yesterday. Our data comes from the airport which on a good day is 45 minutes south of me. I'm pretty sure we had MORE then 2.5 inches because my cat and dog wouldn't go outside until I shoveled the deck.
Last year I needed boots, I have Ugg boots, which are fabulous, but I can't play in the snow with them. They'll get wet and then get water stains and I did NOT spend $100 on a pair of fabulously warm boots to have them all water stained. (Yes, I DO spray them, but they are not play in the snow kinda boots)
I tried finding boots last year, I don't know sometime in December or January maybe. I could not find ANY. Their were no size seven up to your calf boots anywhere with in a 60 miles radius of me or online. (Ones I could afford or liked anyway.) Plus, my feet suck and I need to try things on. So the snow yesterday reminded me that I needed boots, and apparently everyone ELSE they needed boots too. Grrrr. I found some at Fleet Farm. For me and for Roo. When I showed them off to Rob his first question was "UP to what degree?"
Which in Frozen tundra speak is "At what temperature outside will your feet not freeze in these boots."
I smiled and said "Up to 50 below."
He: "Water..."
"Proof." I finish for him.
There is water-resistant or water proof. Again this is information you'll need to know if living here. Because resistant means, sure wear your pretty boots to your car, into the store and back to the car, but don't even think about stepping in a snow bank cause these babies will be soaked in 10 minutes flat, causing you to be chilled the rest of the day and no pair of fuzzy socks can cure that! Or water PROOF, meaning you can go sledding or trumping through snow banks with your kids and you won't die of frostbite.
(It seems really weird giving this information in OCTOBER)
While making my way back up to the check-out I saw an aisle with coffee. I stopped and stared.
Then I saw one that said "Caramel fudge brownie". They make a coffee flavored like a caramel fudge brownie? This could not be right. I smelt it. (Do you all try to smell the coffee?)
I didn't care how much this little bag of coffee was I was buying it. (I would have bought more but it was the last bag of it's kind. I'll keep looking though...maybe a giveaway in the future.)
I've had two cups of coffee and I feel like I'm flying. I think I've had record length comments on most of the blogs I've read this morning. Which I think is a good thing because I'm going to need this "high" to get me through errands today. So not what I want to do. Not at all I just feel chatty!
I am now officially addicted to coffee.


  1. No! Not snow already! Fall just arrived here in PA. We went from 75 to 60 during the day, literally overnight! I'm still mourning summer. So not ready for snow! Although, snow with Chocolate Fudge Brownie coffee could possibly be tolerated! :)

  2. Oh I DEFINITELY smell the coffee! And I gloriously anticipate sipping it just from the smell. Snow is CRAZY - it's time for pumpkins, not snowmen!

  3. Yum!!! That sounds delicious! Why can't I find one with a deliciously-yummy name on it like that??

  4. what in the world am i spending my tastebuds on CREAMER for?! did you say caramel/fudge & brownie all together. *sigh*

    the boots? all i say is make sure they are cute! that way when you are wet, tired, cranky and DONE playing in the snow...at least your feet look good! (not that i'm speaking from experience or anything!)

  5. Caramel fudge brownie coffee? yum!!!

    I typically don't like flavored coffee but that sounds great!

    ...you have now matured! :)


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