Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Post

What a weekend! I mean for one that had no particular plans, it sure was eventful and busy.
In my last few post I've mentioned the Mother-in law dance book (TMILD) I have yet to pick it up and read the next chapter, chapter 2 because I'm still working on chapter one! Which completely rocked my world. I was led to call my OWN mother. Yep, the woman I have not spoken to since March. At first when the urge came over me I thought. "It's just because the pageant is this weekend. That's why she's on my mind." But then Friday it was a nagging sensation, like if I didn't dial that number my head would explode.
So I called her, knowing full well what I would be getting in regards to attitude and conversation. I "felt" like I didn't care, you know, no expectations, I was only calling because I was being nagged to. It was just a normal conversation, nothing sweet or warm and fuzzy. Which I've come to accept as normal for her. No, the "nice" part came after I hung UP the phone. I had this peaceful pride sweep over me. Like when you are a kid and you do something good without being told a hundred times and you get that rub on the head or pat on the back, like "Atta girl!"
That is what I felt. So I said "Okay, Lord. I heard you, I did it. Thanks for your peace."
Later we went over to my Inlaws house for dinner. They got the wii and wanted us to come play. I so did not feel like going. I just wanted to get in my jammies and veg out. We went, I played, I even talked to Mom about calling MY mother. Mom mentioned going shopping on Saturday, I offered to go with her. We went, we shopped, I'd like to say we, but I can only speak for myself in that...I had a good time. I suggested she get her make-up done because she had a wedding that evening, I promised she'd love it and it would be one less thing she'd have to do. She looked AMAZING. Not that she doesn't aways look nice...but sometimes having your make-up done, it just looks so good. It just made her beauty MORE beautiful, it had nothing to do with the make-up itself. When we got back home even DAD noticed how wonderful she looked and said "Did you have your make-up done?" Dad doesn't normally recognize these things. If we've had our hair cut it normally takes him a week to figure out somethings different, but he couldn't say what.
Her face just LIT up. It was so cool!
I started reading Julie Klassen's book, The Lady of Milkweed Manor...I am half way through and can't put the thing done. I am loving it. I can't wait to email her again and tell her my thoughts. (Which she asked me to do when me met.)
This evening we are meeting a new small group, I am curious and excited for this.
This is the last week in October, and I'm having a hard time with that. For me, and I think alot of it had to do with the snow we got early in the month, it has just felt like a very long month. I almost feel like it should be nearing Thanksgiving not Halloween. See what Minnesota weather does to you? It plays silly games with your mind.
I need to go cheer on my Vikings, they are playing a tough game againest the Steelers...


  1. I love getting makeup, hair, toes, or anything like that done...feels good to be girly! I bet she enjoyed it.

    I agree - October has seemed insanely long to me as well. I don't know what it is for me, but this month has moved like molasses.

  2. Wow, Sara. Isn't God great. He certainly gives us courage and peace to do things we couldn't do otherwise. Way to go, girl!

    I love that MOM got her makeup done! Fun!

    I'm with ya on the weird October. What's going on in the Midwest???

  3. I am so glad you listened to the HS and called your mom!!! You may not know what work is being done there, but isn't God good to give you peace afterward to reward your obedience!!

    So glad you had a fun did it go meeting the small group?

  4. So fun she got her make up done. I have never done that, but always wanted to. I should go shopping with you! :)

  5. well, i'll just say i'm doggone proud of you sara! and how sweet it is that God blesses you for listening to His voice.


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