Saturday, January 9, 2010

Slow-motion week.

I feel like I have been in a slow motion week. Practically nothing got done this week. Piles of laundry sit on my floor, the cupboards look like the toy shelves at Target the day before Christmas. (picked over and nearly empty.) I did make it out to Sam's club yesterday but that was an emergency run. We were out of toilet paper. O.U.T. Not a roll in sight, and I was not about to use precious kleenex, nope that I need for my nose.
I had good intentions of keeping up with a year in pictures, but you know I took pictures of the last 5 days? Of course you don't because I haven't taken or posted any. I did take one on Monday, it was of my empty kleenex box and a littering of used tissues. That picture pretty much sums up the week. *sigh*
I cringe at the thought of having to get presentable to go to church today.
Oh, I want to go to church. We are in the midst of an AWESOME message series, 'I've got issues'
But the energy it will take to simply go...
I need to save it, my energy, because tomorrow I will have 5 little pairs of feet to wash, rub and polish. It's Spa Party day. I thought maybe I'd cut a break and only two girls would be able to come. Nope all four RSVP'd. Thank heaven my Mom is coming to help paint finger nails. I thinking maybe I should put Daddy on ped duty. After all I could be contagious! I realize he'd rather clean a chicken coop then rub feet, but hey isn't that what marriage is about? Picking up the slack of the other??
Isn't that what being a good Daddy is: Throwing the greatest birthday party ever for his only daughter?
Am I laying this on thick enough I can't tell...
The thing I need to give praise for this week has been my son. Though he was not perfect in NOT wetting his pants, he has been aware that I was not up to par this week, therefor he listened well, and took care of me. Playing quietly and being easy with lunch choices.
I realized that he is acting like a 5 year old. I like it. Also this week Butter began making sandwiches, for her lunch. She also took over cleaning her ears/earrings. Three times a day. They look great, so I know she is taking it seriously and doing a good job.
I had to laugh at Hubby this week, he was on dinner duty. He got very upset when he burnt the french fries...IT sounded like WW3 going on in the kitchen, I went to see what was the problem and he shrieked at me "I should NOT be allowed to cook!" (He had forgotten to use the hot pad in his haste to get the blackened fired out of the toaster oven...)
I couldn't help myself I started laughing. He was cooking Chicken patties in the regular oven and cooking the fries in the toaster oven. Don't ask, this is just HOW he likes to do it. By Wednesday, he was sounding at lot like me: "I don't care if you don't like it...this is what we're having for dinner!"
I just sat and ate my soup, trying not to giggle.
Now if only he could taste what it's like to have cramps...
Yesterday, the emergency run for TP, He had a lot of pent up angst at me for the week he had.
He snapped at me, normally, being as sensitive as I am I would have snapped back. But I just started laughing. Which only annoyed him more. Which made me laugh harder. Finally he broke and started laughing too. We must have looked ridiculous to other people, laughing ourselves into tears. But it felt good. It always feels good when I'm connecting with my husband. I like being reminded how silly he is. How silly we are together. A silliness that only comes form the ups and downs of everyday living.


  1. yuck! sorry you have been down and out.

    I am still smiling as I envision ya'll laughing hysterically in the middle of Sam's!! I love that.

    good luck with the spa party....I am sure it will be a memorable day for Butter and her friends!

    I am typing this as I hear Jared and his teenage friends playing nertz at the dining room table for his bday party.....things definitely change!

  2. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! :( I've been away from blogworld for awhile; therefore, I haven't seen your new profile pic until now. LOVE IT! You look very vibrant and rested. New do? It just looks like something has changed.:) So glad to hear the hubby walked a week in your shoes. I LOVE when the hubbys "get it"!


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