Monday, March 1, 2010

Chubby Chowzer and the new floor.

I told you about what I learned from laminate. The floor was awful, but at least the dining room had carpet, not as heinous as the gold floor. It took five years and countless spills of milk glasses for us to realize we hated carpet in the dining room. It wasn't until we pulled up the carpet to see why there was carpet:
It makes me want to puke. Linoleum floor that can't take the heat...literally, the old stuff would burn in the sunlight. How does that make for a good kitchen/dining room floor then? Rob assures me there wasn't much choice back then. This is what the floor looks like now.

Purdy isn't it?

I had to laugh after we got it all in, the dog hates it. H.A.T.E.S it. She skids out. After a week of getting used to the flooring, she's back to her usual tricks:

I know she's hard to resist, believe me I've tried. What is it about these fur babies? Which brings up a point, my Vet told me she is not a baby. She is a mature dog now, which means we need to maintain a healthy weight...(is blah blah blah going through your head right now too? That's all I heard when he was talking, I tune out "weight" talk. For either of us.)

Fat and Happy is what I call it. Anyway, yes we could both stand to eat better. She doesn't get chocolate, but she does get plenty of "treats". When you have young sloppy children there is always some sort of treat. I'm not saying my kids are sloppy, it's just that if someone were going to spill or drop food it's not going to be the adult. We just have better balance.

Speaking of balance, look at her, She's on slippery flooring and yet she is solid!

But I couldn't help coming up with a new nickname. Chubby Chowzer. (she's a mini schnauzer)

Clever yeah? I am obsessed with "dog" names. No really it has gotten out of hand. I've named the newscasters. I'll here a name and immediately my mind will start working. No I haven't given myself one...interesting though...I may have to think about that.

Here's the last picture for you. This is how my son likes to spend his mornings, kissing on the Chowzer. She is very tolerant, I think it's only to get a taste of whatever he's eaten, plus the more love she gives, the more treats that follow. I wish kids worked that way!

Oh, I'm kidding! My kids are great! When there are not puking in the middle of the night, or arguing about who's better at the Wii games, or who gets to sit on daddy's lap...I started instituting the "yes, Ma'am" response when asked to do something. I felt like I was asking more times then needed, because it was falling on "deaf ears". Crabbiness was in large supply this weekend, and I finally said "I need you to tell me you heard me, that way when you ask me something I can answer you as promptly as you expect." I have to say I really like hearing it. It just makes everyone more polite in this house. Somewhere along the way we seem to have let manners slide, and it all has to start HERE. With me, the model. But having them respond politely really makes a world of difference.


  1. Oh WOW, I LOVE the floor! It looks perfect!

    Your doggie is just adorable...the picture of him and Roo is SO SO cute!

    I'm ALL about the "Yes Ma'am's". I agree, politeness can make a HUGE difference...and sadly too many people do not practice enough of it. Good for you!

  2. the floor is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it!

    one thing I love about living in the south is that yes/no ma'am and yes/no sir are the is unusual to NOT hear a kid..even teenagers...say it. gotta love that!!

  3. those floors look so great!

    awww, the fur babies =D

  4. Oh, I love the floors! They are GORGEOUS!!

    Kyle and I are dog-named obsessed, too. Our dog's name is Vicki. But she also goes by...

    Vicki Voo


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