Saturday, June 19, 2010

Freaky Friday

It's been a long week. I've already posted about the craziness our weather seems to be going through. This has to do with the house and her issues.
Do you remember just over a year ago we had gotten new appliances for the kitchen, because after what felt like a large a mount of temper tantrums by our dishwasher, it quit working for us. I'm not going to say we are hard to work for I mean, we do RINSE the dishes, and we are lax to empty it. I just loath the job myself and choose to use someone else to do them. Well we got ourselves a new one. Problem solved.
Just last winter Hubby and I tired out our mad skills at installing a new floor through out the kitchen and dining area. I LER.VED my new floor. I massaged that floor, kept it clean and crumb free, I even made the kids be nice to it. I couldn't do much about the dog though she isn't one to be controlled.
So on Monday I noticed the floor popping up at one of the corners.
 I thought "Huh, Do floors get zips?"
 It looked like a tiny eruption right in a corner of where two boards meet. I called my husband at work and said there is something going on with the floor. I woke up Tuesday and there were more bumps. Come Thursday I was in complete crisis mode. The floor was ruining right in front of my eyes and Hubby didn't know what to tell me, which made me feel crazy Does he not SEE this? Isn't he concerned? Shouldn't we be calling the national guard of floors to investigate this travesty, this crime?
At first their was mumbling of Maybe it's shifting from the humidity.  Or the stove is rising the temp in the floor...
It wasn't until Thursday night we found the answer. The dishwater was leaking, there was water under the floor. I swear I had a near death experience. My palms began to shake, I was light-headed and having a hard time breathing, I saw a strange light up ahead. Or all that could have been that I began holding my breath in anger refusing to open my mouth in fear of what would come flying out, as my husband turned on his work light, peeked under the dishwasher and nodded in frustration.
FIVE days. F.I.V.E. days! My beautiful floor had been poisoned for five freakin' days. I wanted justice!
I wanted to tear somebody limb from limb for ruining my beloved floor. Somebody needed to pay.
Ah, yes pay. Haven't I just posted about pinching pennies.
That is when the anger in my rose to uncharted levels. This was not in the budget, we couldn't just magically conjure up money for a new floor. I couldn't go to bed Thursday. My mind was too wild.
I cried, I sobbed, I blamed, I cursed. While Hubby slept dreaming of...frankly I have no idea what he dreams about. I'm willing to guess nothing because the guy gets like four hours of sleep a night.
I finally went to bed, but I was up at 7AM. Fully awake and hating the day. I didn't want to bring myself into the kitchen, the floor was in there. All mangled and destroyed. I couldn't look.
Instead I called Hubby and let loose my fears and concerns and accusations. It was not my finest 47 minutes. Not at all. I hung up and called my mom. Which, I never call my mom for advice. She doesn't get me, and I don't really understand her, but I had things I needed to say that I couldn't possibly say to my Husband but if I did not say them out loud they would eat me alive within hours. I knew how she would react, so it didn't frustrate me when she said what she said. The cancer was out of my body, and I could already feel myself healing. We talked for a very long time, close to two hours. Which on the phone with my mom has got to be some kind of record. I thanked her for listening, apologized for dumping and turned to face the floor.
I tried to ignore it, pretend there was nothing wrong. That did not work, so I spent much of my morning in my bedroom. Hubby called me around noon, when he was suppose to be coming home, to tell me that the insurance agent said the floor was covered. I don't believe insurance. See I know that I pay a lot of money to have insurance. I also know you rarely see any of that money again until some CEO big shot ends up on the front of my newspaper charged with stealing money, where we learn that our money bought him fancy trips and golden door handles and marble toilets! Maybe even silk paper to go with them fancy toilets. They all have "delicate" bums you know, that's why they can't go to prison or don't go, they get some doctor to vouch for their delicateness...
Hubby came home and gave me a big hug, no words were spoken but plenty was said in that hug, and I needed to hear it. Then the dog got jealous and got onto my lap, where I got a whiff of something FOUL! So foul I completely ignored my husband and our tender moment, shot up and headed out side with dog, shampoo and towel. It took me three washings to get the stink off her. I began cleaning up when I turned around and saw her rolling around again!
" After I just washed you!"
So I chased her down and washed her up, this time bringing her into the house and locking the pet door, I would be monitoring her potties the rest of the day. As I came into the house I heard swearing. Something had rattled my not so easily rattled Husband. I went downstairs to see him swearing and flailing wildly in the laundry room. The hot water heater broke and was spewing water hot water everywhere. He was trying to get to the shut-off valve without getting scorched. And then it hit me. This is going to cost us a small fortune.
He spent hours on the phone, getting bids, waiting for calls back...coming to terms with: this was one of those things HE couldn't fix. Finally at 11PM, we crawled into bed.
I said "This was a really shitty day."
And just like Rob: he answered "But it's over."
I admire that man. :)
While my mind wonders to what other messes tomorrow will bring; he is content in the knowing that this day, as bad as it was, was in fact over. (No need to quote scripture here, I already know this would be a top area of study for me.)
I should change my name to Worry, that way people would get the hint. Hi I'm Worry.
Think of all the people that would leave me alone? This is sounding better by the minute...
So this morning I find myself staring at the new water heater and asking it "Do you like it here? Are you enjoying yourself? Would you care to stick around awhile?"
Today we are going to take the {cough} kids to see Toy Story 3 since as Butter would put it, we haven't done anything fun yet. I'm gonna buy me a big ol bag of black licorice and Reeses pieces and have myself a good laugh. I sure need it.

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