Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's end

As I look out on this last day of our summer vacation, I think about how quickly these last couple months went by; even if there were days when I thought I would literally pull my hair out if I heard "I'm bored. What are we doing today?" one.more.time!
We spent plenty of lazy days at the beach, or swimming at the pool. I didn't read as much as I'd like to have but the books I did read were enjoyable.
As we get our things together for the start of school: Butter's first day is tomorrow and Roo has a "practise day" Wednesday and then starts his half day afternoon schedule on Thursday. I am forced to acknowledge the passage of time. Second grade, my girl is starting second grade that's ONLY ten grades shy of graduation! I could blink and it would be here. My "baby", yeah well, I just a titch ready for him to test those wings. We've had potty issues over the summer, we've had melt-downs and power struggles that I thought would have been long gone. He's ALWAYS been on his OWN time frame. He's wicked smart, when he's interested and curious about what he's learning. Staying focused on the not so fun/interesting things, well, that is going to be a challenge. I can already hear the feedback from his teacher...he likes to be silly...let's just say she's been warned.
I will never forget the look on Butter's face when we went to meet her new teacher. She was hesitant, cautious and then when former students started to trickle in to give their "old" teacher a hug and say hi, she then decided her new teacher couldn't be too bad if she gave hugs, and I could imagine that she was already planning ahead to next year when SHE would be the one stopping by and how the teacher would then embrace her in sweet remembrance!
Butter has grown a lot over this last year. She is really starting to cut her path, determine who she is and who she wants to be. She is serious about her school work. She enjoys learning. She is cautious about who she chooses as friends and is beginning to see she MUST be in order to have the really good ones!
Just in the last month she learned to ride her bike without training wheels. I love to watch her go. Being her mom I get to watch the fear rise up and see how she copes and eventually overcomes it. Sometimes I'm there to push and other times I sit and watch. She always comes out just a bit more sassy...
She is learning about money. She doesn't like not having it! (Do any of us?) Lessons can sometimes be hard, but sometimes the best way to teach them is to be completely open and honest. Our kids learned a valuable one over our vacation. (So did Rob and I.) I followed my gut and not my desire to go along blindly with my wishful husband. He can be intoxicating at times with his rosy view. I had to be the hammer. I had to be the one to break the glass. At the time it hurt, it was incredibly painful. I still see their faces at night when I close my eyes. The very next day my family learned that Momma was right, she wasn't ruining something, she was protecting something else. It was difficult for my husband to admit I was right, I think it was harder for him to admit to himself he had been wrong, he should have been more diligent, careful, mindful.
I hated being right; but ever since I've been giving praises.
We've heard a lot of bad news lately, it's in the newspapers, it's on blogs, it's right here close to home. My heart bleeds. I can get completely wrapped up in the pain of it all. Reading about a family who lost there 7 year old daughter to a rare form of meningitis because she went swimming in a lake...Or reconnecting with old friends and hearing how they had to let their home go back to the bank and are now starting over...hearing about the loss of two family members in one month for an in law...the earthquake on the other side of the earth. Pay cuts right here in our own home.
This last week, when we had to make our own fun; when we had to stop waiting for the perfect {fill in the blank}. Becoming overwhelmed in the pain is easy, praying your heart takes commitment but choosing joy, now that takes guts, determination. It takes a CHOICE. I am so glad I made choices this last week.

We took Butter to the AMerican Girl store out at Mall of America. She had been saving her gift certificates to get herself another doll. Ruthie needed a sister. Speaking of Ruthie, look how sweet the girls look in their matching AGChicago shirts and sparkly red shoes! Butter got compliments all through the store, which see acted like it wasn't a big deal but I so know better! (wink wink) After we figured out what she could and could not afford, we went to the dessert bar, you know how shopping can take a lot out of a girl, or ahem Roo...
He asked where the boy dolls were. He was a little upset to see all the "borrow a doll" dolls were girls, but that was until he got his ice cream, then he didn't care, it meant he didn't have to share it!
Ruthie and Butter decided on the Mini tray...
Which turned out to be NOT so mini.
Rob pointed out the Swatch shop; Do you remember swatches? Why don't I remember them being so expensive? Well, about 6 months ago Rob promised Butter he'd buy her a watch. She found one she had to have, a swatch no less, and she was determined for follow through. {insert laughter} I knew how much the watch was, I also knew Rob is a push-over when it comes to following through with his sweet-angel faced daughter. He honestly thought the watch was less, much less...
She has been wearing it everyday and taking wonderful care of it. I won't go into how upset the boy was...sorry bud, ain't gonna happen, not until you're going into second grade and ONLY if you can prove your responsible...
I love being able to say "Hey Butter what time is it?" and she has to answer me instead of the other way around!
We ended our trip to the big mall by stopping at Ikea.
I am now having dreams of a new pantry on our small/not enough storage kitchen. I'm starting me another envolope.
Goodbye summer of 2010: we thank you for the lessons we've learned.

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  1. She's beautiful with her dolls!

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