Sunday, October 31, 2010

That was fun!

We had a busy day, it started at Grammy J's house for waffles and the face painting.
Roo wanted to be a skeleton this year, which is a bit unusual for him, he likes his characters. He has been into bones lately, so I guess it's not a stretch. I was worried that it might be too scary for him, so I did my darnedest to find a "Happy" skeleton. But I knew once he saw his sister was getting face~painting he'd want it too. My Mom had a "happy" face all ready to paint.

 He sat in the chair, he had to go after Daddy, yes, we ALL got face~painting. When my mom has an audience she paints EVERYONE, it's good practise. half way through his face, he began to cry, Grammy would let him look each time she added something new. He decided it was too scary after she began to apply the black around his eyes, she hadn't even gotten to the smile yet, poor guy.
Next up was Butter or I should say last up was Butter. She was a pumpkin girl, so Grammy decorated her face.

Ta Da! 
  Butter loved it.
Now I suppose you are wondering what Rob and I looked like?
I got a little fairy on my cheek, purple of course, I refused to take a picture because it is break~out season and even the cute little purple fairy couldn't hide them!
My mom did Rob first, we had no idea we were going to be guinea pigs, but this takes the cake.

Yep, looks like he got run over by a truck!

Here they are bundled up and ready to go over to some friends house for trick or treating.
 One of Butter's dearest friends moved into a new neighborhood, it was INSANE, but so so much fun. We ended up seeing lots of families we knew through soccer.
 Jack, Roo, Butter and Sarah

 Little Sarah is hilarious and spunky, she is a good bestie for Butter who is serious, but loves to laugh.
The girls were ready to go go go and the boys were ready for hot cocoa and rest.
  This about says it all.
 I could not believe the hoopla in this neighborhood, just the scale of it wore me out. Full size candy bars, chili and bonfires for the adults, hayrides back to your house, and one house even gave out stuffed animals! I told you, insane.

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