Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Depot, You Suck.

I am mad.
Okay, not so much mad but disappointed.
Hubby and I set out to buy a new washer which we needed to replace pronto and a dryer so the new one wouldn't feel weird being the new kid on the block.
I didn't want a front load, I don't need the fanciest model. Just something that met our needs.
One of those needs was to be able to handle washing towels or rug loads without getting out of balance.
We had a very helpful salesman. Peter.
Peter listened to me and I had a lot to say. He looked at my husband often, who would give his "What she said..." encouragement.
When it comes to laundry I'm the boss. He's lucky if he remembers to sort...we won't go into that.
So when I told Peter I wash a lot of rugs, he told me about this one machine.
Guess what?
It was a front loader.
As Peter was pointing out it's features a couple walked up and said "Excuse us, we couldn't help but over hear you talking about...We LOVE this machine."
They gave us some more details about their experience and walked away.
After Peter left us alone to debate what we were going to do. The Man came over again and talked about the machine. We thanked him and talked it over. We decided to purchase just the washer, it was a few hundred more then the top load, but it had all the features to meet all our needs, therefore worth the price and since it was the washer that wasn't working well we felt this was the way to go.
I asked about the pedestal price. Peter answered honestly that sometimes the prices rings up lower then the sticker price, but not always.
I was confidant that if we had any price issue that it could be solved with their price matching policy.
Once at home I went to work looking online at all the competitors in our area: Lowes, Menards, Sears, Best Buy. They all had the same price on the machine, however Home had the pedestal $100 cheaper. That is some major cha-ching in our world. I printed off the information so we could go back the next day.
We were told we'd need to speak to a manager and since the manager was on his lunch break the assistant came over. He spoke to the clerk saying " They could not match the price because they would not get it for that price." He then added "Tell them to order it online." He then flippantly walked away.
He did not speak to US standing there, he only spoke to the clerk as if we were not there.
We said told them to cancel the order. If they couldn't give us a price match from their own website, they did not deserve our $1200 sale.
My Bro-inlaw told me nobody matches online pricing, that we either pay the price at the store or pay shipping for an online purchase.
Ah, in this particular case the shipping on the web was free and free install same as the store. Which you might be thinking okay order online then...well yesterday was Sat., today is Sunday the prices on the website have conveniently changed.

I'm sorry but I think it is appalling that a store can not or will not match it's own online pricing. It's utterly ridiculous in my opinion and since it is my blog, that's all the matters right? ;)

I can honestly say I will not set foot in another Home Depot store.

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