Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Okay...Maybe you noticed Interpret Sass was gone. And maybe you checked out They Call Me Sara.
And maybe you too have gone through a blog  post dry spell. It seemed every time I would log in to my dashboard Blogger was reminding me that I still have 2 blogs, that Interpret Sass is still there and that if I so choose it will bring it back from...I have no idea where blogs go and yet stay when you delete them...
So here I am back on isass because, well, it feels like "home". That that grungy pair of sweats you've had for years and just can't bring yourself to throw away even though you have to double tie the knot so the ratty things stay up on your hiney because you just aren't hip even to wear boxers under your pants and let them ride the hump...
Double tie.
That is what I do.
Now for the bloggy slump.
Do you realize I just said hump and slump in the same post AND it is in no way x-rated?
(I'm giggling, My husband would say "Who would have thought I married a 13 year-old boy?!")
To which I say my generation came to age with Beavis and Butthead/Wayne and Garth, Hip hop songs like "Doin' the Butt" and "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C&C Music Factory.
So yeah we think pretty much anything can be made to sound...um...
Anyway, I haven't been too inspired to write nearly all summer.
It has taken me awhile to feel settled in, able to breathe and comfortable in the new normal.
We have gone through quite a few changes, one of them, My husband being home 24/7 with me.
I have to tell you, honestly, from the beginning I have looked at this a a blessing. How many people get to spend that much time with their best friend?  I worried about what it would do to him. Would he fall into depression? Get surly? Become angry or bitter? I would "check in" with him every now and then; "How are you doing?"
Well, he's kept himself busy. He has read his bible every.single.morning after the kids leave for school. He never lets the laundry baskets get full, never leaves a dish on the counter or in the sink. Takes the dog for walks throughout the day...
I should be thinking, boy is he making ME look bad here, he keeps a better house then I do!
But the reality is, I have been sitting back and observing my husband. This is a man I once considered not marrying because there was nothing "wrong" with him! Everyday we ask each other "What do you have to do today?" and then we plan our day together. We eat together, we run errands together, we fold clothes on the floor together watching a show we taped, we are nearly always together.
This year will be our 10 year wedding anniversary. Ten years I have been with this man and in this 10th year I have gotten to spend so much time with him. I have gotten to watch our love grow in ways that it would not have if there was a job to go to...
God has provided for our needs that I could not fathom months ago.
I would not trade this time for ANY amount of stable income or job. You can not buy this. This time is special, we are growing, refining, being prepared for something only God knows. Rob will be starting a new work endeavor after the Thanksgiving weekend. It is rather bittersweet, giving thanks for this wonderful time together, that is coming to an end.
I know he is looking forward to the challenge of something new. (I would tell you what he'll be doing only when I tried to explain it to a friend recently he told me: "Sara, you just said a whole lot of words without saying anything!" And honestly that would still be the case, but hears the just of it; selling application software to businesses. That's the best I can do.)
I will be moving into a challenging period, because I will not have the van on a daily basis to run errands as I once did freely. I will have to become an organized guru again. *Sigh.*
So here I am back on iSass.
More updates to come, this is hard work, getting my fingers into typing again.

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  1. Hey, I still follow iSass! :) And that is one good man you've got there. Glad y'all have had this time together - no matter the circumstance!!


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