Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bloomin' right

They grow up so fast don't they? Those tiny fingers and toes turn into instruments used to play, paint, grab and sometimes in the weak moments inflict pain to a sibling who won't stop bugging them.

Butter is my mini mama. She loves being bossy. She loves "telling" Roo all about what she knows. And at 5 she know it all. Although it's cloudy today and she was doing a good job telling us where rain comes from..."The cloud suck up the water from the ground and when the clouds are full God makes it rain..."

Roo is a liner-upper. Cars, trucks,rocks. He lines them all up. They both love to draw and paint. They made sunflowers at VBC.

Butter had to point out to Roo that her flower looked like it's suppose too, with seeds in the middle. I don't know I kinda like that Roo's is all smeared together It reminds me when you stare at something long enough it blurs together.

Regardless, they are both special. And exactly the way that God meant them to be. Butter is particular and observant. Roo is see it, be it, do it, done. So different and so unique. Just like the flowers they made. Just how God's flowers are. Blooming just God's hand and time.

Today I plan to work on my study and go pick up a new book, since I finished the one I was reading with all this "ME" time. OH, how I love this free time. (I've been crock pot cooking too. So I save time in the evening.) Here are a few books I recommend.

Susie is so gifted at reaching out to a women's heart. And just a warning Firefly Line will have you bawling your eyes out, laughing till you gut hurts and taking you back to training bras and mad crushes. Enjoy!

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