Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grossed OUT!

It has been a sickening week for me. I have dealt with more gore then a normal person should.

This is our cat Tabitha. She has up until now been a great pet. As you can see here she's doing what a nice kitty does, eats her cat food. Hunting is instinct, but she has turned cannibal! Mole, mice, bunnies, birds. You name it. The worst was the bunny I found in the closet. It had "friends". I don't want to know when it was placed there. I have been bombarded by gore and grossness. Nasty huge spiders, a son that refuses to go poopy on the potty but will go on the deck, in his bed, in the kiddie pool. SERIOUSLY! Do you ever JUST want it to stop? Will it? The cat has now been locked in or out depending on where she is when the pet door is locked.
This past weekend was a preview of the week ahead. (See taste of freedom) Peaches took the kiddos to see the big bomber planes at the airport near our house.

They had a blast touring all the planes and playing with the "guns". They love spending time with Daddy.

I cherished the time to read and play with the "baby" of the family, Piper.

So far the grossest thing she's done is try to "help" clean up. If you know what I mean.

These days I could use a little help. Lets start with dinner. Any suggestions what I can serve that doesn't have to be cooked????

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