Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Wedding

With the summer humidity rising and keeping us inside with the air conditioning, our imaginations start working overtime. That is not a bad thing. But I do have to giggle with some of the things the kids come up with. Butter talked her brother into holding a princess wedding.

Complete with fluffy princess skirts and flowers.

Roo was actually more picky of the "dress." He couldn't wear just "any old thing" it had to be just right. It had to twirl and float. And the flowers had to match the dresses, no kidding!

And it was sealed with a kiss. I keep reminding them; they can't marry their brother or sister.I love that Roo is starting to "boss" Butter back. If she doesn't do things his way he lets us all know. Good for you Roo! These two love to "beat" each other. As in I finished first. Everything becomes a race. I hope I can teach them that sometimes it good to slow down and "smell the roses."

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