Wednesday, July 30, 2008


For some reason this week seems to be dragging on. Maybe it's me or the heat or the house being closed up. Whatever it is I've been stressed and frustrated. The kids are MONKEYS! climbing and running and jumping all over the place. When all I feel like is curling up in a ball and having quiet. I have been stressed about my CT scan. The lesion on my liver is gone. Which makes my mind race, "Where did it go?" "Was there really one there in the first place?" Oh well I should be happy right? I am for that. But it also showed I have a kidney stone. Oh Great! After talking to my dear friend Pollie, I am feeling better about that too. So now I'm on a quest to drink 64 oz of water a day. (Plus the glasses of tea, coffee and milk I have with meals)
I have been reading Susie Larson's Uncommon Woman. I thought the very beginning of it was so great so I made a frame to remind myself just how: Remarkable, Extraordinary, Exceptional, Unearthly, Singular, Significant, Special, Minding-blowing...Uncommon I AM. (and you are too!)

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