Sunday, July 27, 2008

Zoo Part Two

It was really neat to see the zoo through the eyes of Butter and Roo. The wonder and fascination they had for each different animal. Or when they recognized a behavior that they share with them. I don't think it had dawned on them that animal mommy's take really careful care of their babies or bears like to play and fight together. Or how slow turtles are, especially when eating. Nicholas was most fascinated by the underwater aquarium. Where he was up close to all the swimming fish.

After a long day of walking, and being in the humidity, we let Roo play in the fountains. (Butter did too but she only got her feet wet. Which is typical Butter.) What is also typical for her is running ahead of us. This would explain the lack of pictures of her, or lack of her in the pictures. She was always one thing ahead of us and I spent a fair amount of time trying to reel her in. Oh, well. She just gets less blog time!

And here he is falling, try telling them not to run is like trying to stop a train.

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