Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

It started out cloudy, and began to rain just as we got to Apple Valley. Wouldn't you know it the meteorologists were wrong again! We planned our trip thinking Friday would be the nicest week day. And We scored the zoo passes! It turned out to be a fun trip. Roo liked the hissing cockroaches, the giant fish tank and playing in the water.(more on that tomorrow.) Nina liked the dolphins and sea otters. Hubby didn't get to see his favorite the groundhogs because it was too hot and had gotten to be late in the day. I loved the grizzly bears! They were so playful and fun to watch. Here are some pictures.

We rode the monorail and got a chance to see the zoo from above. Roo really thought that was cool. But he wanted to go faster!

So for now we say goodbye from the bear cave.

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