Monday, September 8, 2008

And There He Goes...

We had a busy weekend. The weather has cooled off here and fall is in the air.

Butter is an old pro at riding the bus! We have convinced the bus driver to pick her up at the driveway instead of three houses down and across the street. (She has to then cross the street again to get on the bus.) Which gave me the willies. So the driver switched the stop for us. Today however is not about Butter, It's about Roo. It was his first day of preschool.
He waited all day for me to say "It's time to go." As soon as we got there he rushed off to his room. The class was outside, he raced out the door and never looked back! I'm starting to get the feeling my kids don't like me!! Both of them just blindly go off into the world without a second look back at their mother. No encouragement needed. Maybe it's because I've loved them well that they know I'm there to catch them, to come home to. Yeah, I'll go with that one.

I am SO proud of him, no accidents. (we are still potty training...) When I picked him up, he was the LAST one to stop playing. His teacher had to tell him it was time to go.
As we walked to the car I asked how was school? Did he like it? In his silly voice he said "no I no like school I never go back." This of course is farthest from the truth. Peaches and I have already braced ourselves for the fact that we will get several calls from teachers about our silly boy who loves to joke and clown around! After we got home He badgered me to snuggle him. It was a good 30 minutes before he had his fill of me. I guess he did miss me after all. He was so wore out and refused to admit it. (No naps on school days) Poor Peaches was trying to watch the Vikings game and Roo was being a maniac.
I told him "You are out of control! It is time to settle down." To which he looked me straight in the eye, held my face in his hands and said very softly "Mom, I not out of control, I Roo." Yeah, You are my Roo.

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