Friday, September 5, 2008

First day of school

It was a crazy day Thursday. Butter's first day of school, I was so proud of her! Peaches and I have been telling her all week that she had to set her clothes out for school the night before and come upstairs dressed and ready for school. She kept saying "I know. I KNOW!" But would still come upstairs in her jammies. Well not Thursday! She was dressed and ready. When I put her to bed she had already picked her clothes for today! (Friday) My heart just beams for what a big girl she is turning into.

I was not having a good morning I couldn't find the camera, what mother doesn't have a camera to take a picture of the first day of school? I retraced all my steps and realized it was stolen out of the car when we stopped for groceries. I was so upset. I took the video camera to the bus stop with which you see the bus pull up, Butter race off to get on and the doors close in my face! She didn't say goodbye or even look back! The only one with tears was Roo, he wanted to go on the bus too! (Sooner then you think Roo boy!) After she left I had to run and buy film for the 35mm. Gosh is that stuff expensive! And wouldn't you know it the digital camera turned up!
That is a long story I care NOT to repeat. But lets just say I am relieved it turned out. Nick and I waited out in the driveway for Butter to get dropped off at Noon. Her bus was 20 minutes late. I was going to wait 10 more minutes then call the school! So the bus stops I've got both cameras going and the first thing Butter says as she's pointing to the bus is "Can I go to her house? She wants me to come for lunch?" I'm thinking "Who's her? and Why, hello Butter, how was your first day of school!" I gently said not today and THAT was the end of the conversation. She refused to even look at me or talk to me.( Keep in mind the video camera is still going!) I asked if I could take her picture since I missed it that morning, she did appease me by standing by the tree. Through out the rest of the day I would ask about school... no concrete answers. All I can say is she raced to the bus again today and was dressed and ready to go. I'm just guessing here but I think she LOVES it. Next up Roo's first day is Monday afternoon.

Update for Tee: She is continuing to feel better. She was released yesterday and will start school Monday. She is such a brave girl.

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