Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fair part 2

To entice Roo away from the Tractors we decided to bring out the big guns. RIDES!

Here they are on the Nascar Ride.

Butter on the carousel. She only wanted to ride it because it had horses on it

They went on the balloon ride together and we rode the kiddie coaster as a family. I wish they offered wrist bands because the tickets go so fast, and the kids never seem to have had enough.

Next we went to the butterfly room. It was a huge hit.

Roo was so gentle with them, at one point he had five of them in different places and he was so aware of how careful he needed to be.

Butter, like me, would finch any time one flew to close to our heads. That was a bit creepy. But once they landed, she loved it. For whatever reason the butterflies didn't like Butter's shirt and she so wanted them to be on her shirt. After the butterflies, it was time to head down to the barns and visit the miracle of birth barn.

Although we didn't see any live births we did see plenty of cute baby animals. Roo tried really hard to feed them all hay!

Butter was captivated by the babies. After this picture she looked up at us beaming she said "Mommy! He sucked on my hand! He thinks I'm his mommy!" It was so sweet. That is Butter. She loves all animals. Could we have a future veterinarian?

As we headed back to our car we ran into Fairborne and Fairchild, the two fair mascots. It was a great day at the fair.

A list of the food we ate: Roasted corn, cinne minis, cotton candy, caramel apples, chicken wings, strawberries, apples, sno cones, nut rolls trix and lucky charms cereals,beef sticks and daddy had his beer!

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