Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Fair-y good time!

We took our annual family trip to the Minnesota State Fair last Monday. I had issues with the pictures and didn't get it on the blog until now. We got our butts up an at 'em by 9am. Our first stop was to watch the herding dogs do their stuff. I wish Piper was so well behaved! Next Hubby's beloved Cinne Smiths. (Mini cinnamon rolls) Then it was on to Little Farm Hands, where the kids got to play farmer. Roo was totally into it!

Butter put her apron on and they both grabbed a pail and we were off...

He loved digging and planting, it was difficult for him to pick one vegetable and put the gloves back!

I was so impressed that Roo new just what to do when it came to milking the cow, he didn't want to feed her through because it was HIS corn! After we finished, it was off to see the real tractors. The John Deers!

Roo would hang out here ALL day if we'd let him. Lucky for us we still hadn't mentioned the rides!


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