Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been Tagged.

So now on top of the pressure of doing a video blog I have to come up with 6 quirky things about myself to share. (Sorry it's taken me so long to get to it Jennifer. )

I better go to the Hubby on this:

#1: According to Peaches it is quirky that I will only buy and eat Daisy brand sour cream. (It's the best tasting. Come on that's not quirky.

#2 (I agree on this one.) I have to sleep surrounded by pillows. Ever since the days of pregnancy pillows have come between us. It was the only way I could sleep. (It's also why we have only 2 kids. wink wink.)

#3 When we are out to dinner I order and eat dessert first. No really, when the waitor comes and asks what he/she can get us for starters I say "the dessert plate." They look at me like I'm alien and thrown their whole groove off. I actually had a guy come back after our food came and ask if I'd like dessert. AGAIN! Yeah, this is quirky.

#4 I am picky about what hand he can hold. I'm a left shoulder purse carrier. I'm right handed. He's left handed and he always tries to hold my left hand, which then disrupts the delicate balance of the purse. No touchy.

#5 I have to drive. If I'm going, I'm driving. I will get sick from others driving. Plus my Hubby is a braker. He roars up and brakessssssssss. I like to take the foot off the gas, slow the car down gently apply the brakes. Like normal people.

#6 I am a "picker". I pick my family to death. Got a nose hair out of place? Got crud in your ears? nails need clipping? chin hair? eyebrows? belly button lint? I don't pick zits that'll give scars. I have been known to reach across a table and pick teeth. (seriously)

Please don't stop reading my blog now that you know I'm a freak!!!! LOL. If you've just read this blog consider yourself tagged!


  1. hey! nice to meetcha. i got tagged for this post yesterday and its harder than i thought. i've been working on it today and the pillow quirk is on my list too.

    oh and the dessert first motto...i like you already. but then there was the picker part and welp, i'll still come back!

    tuesday is gonna be a blast. i'll probably turn the phone off and stay in my jammies all day just watching blog videos.

    have a great rest of your weekend,

  2. How funny about the dessert first ... and you know what? WHY NOT! I may have to institute that one myself! And, as far as the picking goes ... (too funny!) ... I've been known to chase my family members around the house to de-shed them of their peeling sunburn (confession: I really love it when I peel a huge sheet ... sick isn't it?) Of course, with the huge focus on sunscreen, I don't get my fill on this quirky part of myself ... in fact, it's been years! Very odd that I just shared that ... :)

  3. Thanks for swinging by my itty-bitty corner of the blogosphere; nice to "meet" you!

    Your Quirky things were great! You sounded quirky, I sounded um... really WEIRD on mine, lol.

    No Touchy. Ha! I really did laugh out loud. And I'm a picker too. :o)

    Blessings, Whitney

  4. well , nice to meet you , for the first time . and by the way you don't sound that quirky ( **wink **wink) just very you~nique :0)
    i won't stop reading and in fact my next blog , i just might take you up on the tag!

  5. I was tagged for this too. And now you reminded me of more of my quirks: the pillows, the driving and the picking. I love to pick. Weird... :)


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