Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Moon

These were pictures I took of Butter, gasp, 5 years ago. Summer was ending, and I must have seen some prints of kids with flowers. For all the pain and stress and worry she brought me in pregnancy she more then made up for as a baby. She slept well. Ate well. She was a happy, easy baby.

She was a good sport being the "first". All the outfits and pictures and crazy things first time moms put those first babies through...

I never called her a princess. She wasn't to me, I knew that just below those chubby cheeks and sweet giggle lay an independent sass of a girl waiting to burst forth and tell the world here I am and I don't wait for stars to wish upon, I light my own way! It was like she was watching me, sucking up the limits and boundaries. Then slowly she started to make her world her own. By that I mean picking her own clothes, choosing her breakfast and lunches, where her furniture in her room went. What color to paint her room. She has opinions. She is not afraid to speak her mind around us and often times tries to instruct Peaches and I on what we need to do. I am not complaining. I am proud that my girl is sassy. I was/am sassy, I get her in a way that my mother never understood in me. In class she is thoughtful, helpful and a good listener. Once she is set free to's all HER way. I am so proud of her.

I could she how strong she'd be even back then. I can't wait to see what she has in store for the world the next 5 years...and the 5 years after that...and after that. She is definitely no body's princess. She is the Moon. The Earth doesn't revolve around her, She chooses to revolve around the Earth, making her own space, watching everything from above it. Once a month she SHINES bright as the sun and once a month you wonder where she went? Then there she is again glowing magically before your eyes.

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  1. What cute pictures, and what a fantastic post. Our children are such treasures. Happy birthday Nina.


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