Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Doin'

I had already posted today...then my son gave me a fit of giggles and I had to share it! He talks in this silly voice and he learned to make bubbles in his mouth and he was telling me about them. I paused and asked if I could get the soon as I turned it on He turned "on". Watch this. (and try not to pee your pants.)

Never a dull moment here.


  1. Thanks for your cute chin hairs yet but I got my first age spot on my hand. Its all good!!

  2. Sara, nice to meet you! (From another Sarah) I appreciated your comment on the politics blog. It sounds like you and your husband should not be grouped in with my 'stupid people' generalization! Just for my background, my husband was laid off and unemployed for 5 months. We had to sell his car to keep current on bills. We ate up our savings and spent bare minimums on everything. It sounds like you should be included in the hardworking but hard-pressed group, which we belong also. I hope things work out for you, as they finally did for us. These are difficult times and shows the true character of people. Keep in touch!

  3. Cute video of your son!

    Yes, I love Flipflops and Applesauce...actually Chrissie and I teach together...I teach the am and she teaches the pm...she is a wonderful person!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to stop by again!


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