Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank goodness it's Thursday.

Yesterday I saw a few blogs titled 'Wordless Wednesday' Seriously? It's possible for you to be wordless? on a blog? That can never happen here. I have more words then my mouth knows what to do with! The scripture "for out of the overflow of a man's heart the mouth speaks..." I have to remind myself that scripture hourly! No kidding. I believe this comes from having 2 kids close in age. The conversations are a little limited here.
Do any of you love TV? I do. I was religious about Little House on the Prairie and the Donny & Marie show. Now I love "reality" TV. Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race. And tonight Grey's Anatomy starts back up. OOH Patrick Dempsey. 'Can't Buy Me Love' Anyone?
My husband loves sports. My son loves a show called Pass Time where cars race down a track and do burn outs and Curious George. Butter LOVES anything Disney. High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana. I'm just curious if we are a family of freaks or not. I have my suspicions, and trust me I'm ok with it.
Butter said picture day was good. Retakes are Oct.20. Yesterday Roo got to be leader for the first time ever. He was over the moon. He also wore his boxer briefs to class. NO accidents. I am so proud of him. Thank goodness it's Thursday...I'm ready for the weekend.


  1. I am a reality show "freak" as well. Shows like, Jon & Kate plus 8, Little People Big World, shows about the Duggars, anything with "real" people in it. I always tivo it becasue I hate commercials, and also because I like to actually hear what the people are saying, so I watch it after the kids are in bed.

  2. If your a family of "freaks" then so are we. My, husband, myself and our 11 year old daughter are all into reality TV. Of course the 11 year old loves American Idol. Little brother 3 totaly LOVES Curious George, and well the baby doesn't have much of an opinion. I'm a Gray's Anatomy fan, but my husband doesn't care for it so much. I'll have to catch the replays online.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

  3. I am a complete "Lost" addict, and have now gotten my sister-in-law addicted so that we can discuss it at length. Other than that, I love the TLC shows..."Jon and Kate" (although lately I have wanted to write in and ask them if they could do it with just the kids, because Jon and Kate get on my nerves. LOL), and all the house renovation stuff. My children are sadly addicted to Disney and SpongeBob. And lest we forget, my husband can't get enough of "Myth Busters". :o)


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