Thursday, October 2, 2008


It started with a purse. 'Way More Homemade' showed us a red purse she got herself. That made me think of my new purse. I've been told it doesn't look like me. Ahem, It's cute, so am I. It's a titch flashy, I can be too. It knows how to use hardware, I have a hammer & electric screwdriver.

It has my FAVORITE color. PURPLE. I love a lot of colors for different reasons which I will share. But purple is THE color my eyes love to see. Well here you see for yourself.

I didn't find this purse it found ME. I saw one similar, it had blue on it, with a bit of orange & yellow. It was cute but$40. I couldn't pay that! I left it. For 2 weeks after I longed for that purse, should have bought it. (the zippers have to brake before I'll buy a purse, mine was broke. I should have bought the purse.) I went back to the store a month later looking around, Butter wanted to look at purses. Argh, it just made me think about the one that got away. Butter found one she liked and asked if she could get it. Without looking I answered "Butter, we didn't come for a purse we came to get underwear for your brother, put it back..." then I saw it THIS purse Joy of joy and it's PURPLE!!!!!!! (cue choir of angels) Yeh, I bought it and it looks good on me. Hubbysays it has too much "stuff" on it. (He refuses to say *bling*)
Since my Hubby has to share my room he wouldn't let me paint it purple. So Butter got the purple room.
Next color on the list RED: If it's red I'll EAT IT! All my favorites are red.

Yep, I made that. Coulda ate the whole bowl but the family was hungry. If you got a great recipe for spaghetti please share it. I love to try new sauces. Buca De Beppo is my fav.
Favorite fruit. But also like apples,cherries,rasberries tomatoes.

Now lets talk brown...can you guess why I love brown?
Oh Yeah!

I didn't make that coffee I cheated. Found the picture on google. My other favorite brown thing. My Ugg boots. I got them for christmas 2 years ago and LOVE them. They are the only thing I wear in the winter. (mine aren't this clean anymore.)

Next we have Pink. These are may favorite Jammies and Hat. Go Wild!

Favorite flowers, peonys. Pink ones! Ooh, I like roses too. ok all pink flowers.

Black. Seriously, who doesn't like black? It's slimming, and who doesn't look handsome in a tux?

My sweet boy.

Tabitha, our cat is black with flecks of orange. She keeps the critters away.

I know what some of you are thinking. Don't like cats. Neither do I. This would be the ONLY one. She is the reason an abusive boyfriend finally left me. (Long story.) He's deathly allergic, she was a tiny little stray (we all know how cute kittens are) He said Him or the cat. Cat stayed, he finally left. (He didn't take no for an answer. Safety first.)

Then there is our dog. Piper. I LOVE this dog. Hubby wishes she were a lab. I don't do shedding!Blue is also a color I love to look at, it's soothing. Roo made this in preschool. Love it

Two weekends ago our backyard was covered with these birdies. I had never seen them before. They sure were pretty. Tabby was a good girl because it was raining and they ate bugs. She won't get wet, not even for bird.
This would be my fantasy car. If we had the money, and no winters. I'd love this car. Light blue of course.

I know I left colors out...Sun, Snow, grass, pistachio pudding, pumpkins & candy corn. There is that all of 'em?

Your turn what YOUR favorite color?


  1. Oh that purse is YUMMY! So incredibly cute.

    My favorite colors... blue - like cobalt bright blue. It's all over my kitchen. And red. I love pops of red in my craft (junk) room.



    P.S. 2 days into it and my purse is still clean!

  2. I do love that purse, although purple is not one of my favorites. I have a purple bathroom that was painted that shade before we moved into this house, and I find it mildly disturbing. But on purses, it is good. :o)

    My favorites are blue and red. My kitchen is painted bright red and I love it!

  3. your post was great! love the pics , again :0) my favorites are pink and cocoa brown. but know looking at all your pics i may add a few ! :0)

  4. I came back! I love your quote at the top of your blog. Blossoming souls. I love that.

  5. OH my gosh - we used to have a mini-schnauzer but we had to give him away to my folks when we moved to seminary (so I still get to see him every once in a while). Your dog is SOOOO cute. Makes me want to drive 5 hours to my parents' house just to hug my old dog. :)

  6. oh my you're funny.
    I love the color of your blog. The orangey one. For real. I mean that. I love that color. so I'm just gonna sit here and stare at it :)

  7. Loved this post and the purse. I have to say I am sorry I haven't yet emailed you the Food storage stuff yet. Unespected company came last night and today I am incharge of parties at school. I promise I am not forgetting you and will email you tonight or tomorrow!! Such a fun blog you have!

  8. Love the purse, I am a purse fanatic though and buy a new one even if the zipper isn't broke on my current one :0) My daughters room is purple too, that is the color mine was when I was a kid, love it!

  9. is very handy!

    This is a cute post. Very fun. I love earthy colors!

  10. wit woo, mama's got some bling!! cute purse. and what a wonderful post today, to sit back and think about color. God is so cool to give us colors!! mine is red. love it, love it, love it. and your cat...sweet tenderness in what you said. glad you have her!

    thanks for the lovin' today btw.

  11. So I know that I ranted and raved over red in my past few posts, but actually my very very favorite color is...PURPLE! Love it! Second is red. Although it sort of depends upon my mood. I loved this post and all of the brilliant colors...they make me so happy!

  12. What a fun post! My favorite color is Red. I played Little Red Riding Hood in Into The Woods in High School (eons ago). Everyone started calling me Red, and it stuck. Glad it did though, my eyes love to see a good pop of red among my sea of neutrals. I'm addicted to warm tones in decorating. :o) Blessings, Whitney

  13. thanks for the wonderful comment! thanks for reading my blog as well! i appreciate all the support!
    andrea worley


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