Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's October!

I had a great time yesterday with 'I See What Your Saying'. I have met so many new friends.
Today I got news G'ma L. went to the hospital last night.

Good news Mom and Dad (Peaches ) are back finally from Whidbey Island. (Seattle) We are over joyed that they are back!

Butter has been turning into a little diva. (The apple not far from the tree I guess)
Today she came dressed for school in leggings, top, headband, knit gloves and asking for her make-up. LOL
She's 5. Someone, gave her High School Musical lipsticky stuff for her birthday last year. I HID the stuff. She found it over the summer and is obsessed with it. Anytime she'd leave it laying around I'd pick it up and hide it. She'd ask her Dad for it. Peaches would give it to her. I began throwing them away...(she wouldn't miss them right?) Umm WRONG! Well, I thought we were over it, I threw them all away. She found one. Cleverly asks me "Mom, where is my HSM make-up?" "Butter, I don't know. They are all gone. They got lost over the summer, 'member you'd take them places." She kept asking and asking. I figured she KNEW something.
"Butter, If you know something I don't why don't you just tell me instead of arguing with me about it." Sure enough. She found one in a drawer in the downstairs closet behind mountains of out grown clothes. I'm shaking my head at two things Why was she in THERE? And That KID is persistent to a fault! For the last few days also she been sitting in the back of the bus. My sweet little angel girl who as soon as she got on sat right by the door is now boldly walking confidently to the back of the bus. "Well, Mom that's where Brock, Micah and Emily sit." (These are kindergartners.) When I asked why the change of seats, she says "We like it better in the back."
Like it BETTER? Better for what? I used to ride the bus...not that I did anything...but yeah, the back was the place to know away from the bus driver. You were cool if you sat in the back. But you had to be accepted to sit in the back...Is she one of the COOL kids? Will she turn into a "mean girl" She's obsessed with make-up, clothes, she talks a lot about boys more then girls.
You've all seen MY pictures and Peaches'. Coolness does NOT run in this family. It wouldn't surprise me if she had lots of friends, she is sweet. But cool kids have reps to protect. AKA Grease Lighting?
I know I have to be blowing this out of proportion. Who's got advice?
On another level of cute, Roo came down and sat on my lap for a chat. We talked of trucks, cars the color red. All of his favorites. Then he squeezed my neck and says "I love you Mamma." And the hug went on forever. He is such a sweet snugly boy.
Can y'all believe it's October? It's my second favorite month!


  1. I wish I had advice to give you on this one, but I don't. My daughter Jordan (5 1/2) has Down Syndrome and is so not into anything like this. She is still happy with Disney movies, her kitchen with pretend food, and board books.

    She does have inclusion time each day in the regular kindergarten class, but she doesn't really relate on that level with her peers. I think they are still overwhelming and overstimulating for her.

    She rides the bus to school also, but there are only a couple of other special needs kids on there with her. She insists on the aide sitting with her, so she has someone to play with.

  2. I can't believe she is only 5...I didn't know 5 yo's worried about this kind of stuff! :) Ha! That means I only have 2 more years before mine is at this

    So glad to have met you yesterday, it was so much fun!

  3. Isn't it funny that now that they are in school, we begin comparing our kids to what we were like at their age? I too, wonder what my now 7 year old will be like in a few years. She's still so innocent and a little immature in some respects. *sigh* It's all so fleeting.

  4. Happy October to you!

    (sigh) We always worry about our girls, don't we? I'm the same way ... I remember the cliques beginning as early as fifth grade. These days - it's FIRST! I know exactly where you're coming from. I just try to constantly (much to my Emme's dismay at times) remind her to be kind and friends with everyone. You know, the old Golden Rule ... but Mama, what goes on when they leave that door - we just don't know. So! I do a whole LOT of praying. Jesus is probably looking down, shaking His head, saying "RELAX!" Goodness knows that my husband does all the time! :)

    BTW, how's Gram Lorraine doing? I'm so sorry to hear that she's in the hospital! I'll add her to my prayers.

    I loved your pics! It was nice to put some faces to the names on the tree! A lovely family you have ...

  5. my ani does that on field trips...the back of the bus thing. i figure its all fun now, but when he becomes a way brother! i remember "the back of the bus" crowd when i was growing up.

    love the song on here...beautiful.

  6. i too have a five year old girl who started k-garten. she asks for lipstick daily , i just say nope , she fusses and gets over it . we are "walkers" so no bus for us but i'd gather it's all innocent at this age you know sitting in the back and what not.thatwas too funny about the grease mention :0) cute pics of your kiddos by the way!


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