Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Wednesday

One of my favorite days of the week. Both kids have school. This morning Roo and I went to look for pumpkins. Hubby wants to crave them with the kids. I hate craving pumpkins. Rephrase: I hate cleaning out the pumpkins. I like the craving part. All we could find were the little ones. It still makes me laugh to think of Hubby's face when he sees what he is going to carve!
Linda over at Growin' tagged me for a meme called

Things I'm not afraid to admit:

  • I look hot on a tracker mulching the leaves. Every person that drove by was STARING at me. I can only assume it is because I'm smoking hot!!!

  • I sometimes let Butter do my hair.
  • I sometimes use box cake mix and then make homemade frosting.

  • I then use store bought dodads to make them purdy.
  • I let the kids eat said cupcakes before dinner. *GASP*
  • I let my children sleep on the couch during the day if they happen to fall asleep while I'm tickling them.
  • I have over 30 pair of fuzzy socks.
  • My drivers license says I'm 5'2'', when really I'm 5' 1" and 3/4.
  • I weigh more then my Husband and he's 6' 0". (I didn't say I'm proud of it! I'm just not afraid to admit it.) Besides EVERYONE knows muscle weighs more then fat and he ain't got much of either!
  • I hate my car. It's dying a slow painful death. If our insurance was better...
  • I love snow. Lots and lots and lots of it. (The ice that comes with it isn't nice.)
  • I can't ski. Water or snow.
  • I used to suck my finger. Until I was 8. YES I DID!
  • I have a sensitive nose and smells drive me crazy.
  • I could eat spaghetti everyday and not get sick of it. There are just too many different noodles out there and they all taste different. Yes, they do.
  • I read the whole Twilight book series in 2 weeks. That's 2,446 pages! It was worth all the sleepless nights.
  • I am excited to go see High School Musical 3 with Butter today.

So there you have it. One hot tracker riding, spaghetti loving, Lets her kids eat cupcakes, and do her hair, can't ski, short, fat, smelly... ME.


  1. You're so funny! I love Wednesdays too. I usually let my kids eat treats before supper. It drives Billy insane :)
    Sometimes, when he's not home, we'll have ice cream for lunch.

  2. I can't ski either!!!

    This was fun, thanks for doing this! :)

    And my driver's license has the same mistake, except mine says 5'3 when I'm 5'2 & 3/4. Those 3/4 are important!

  3. i think butter has found her calling!! and a mama who serves dessert first is the best kind of mama of all!

    should i admit i was very close to my husband's weight not too long ago. and he is stockie let me tell ya. oh brother.

    i want to see a photo of the hot tracker mama, and were you wearing a bikini? ;o)

    and lastly, the socks. i knew i loved you!

  4. You don't know me, I found you through Linda's blog Growin' with It. It didn't take long to find a connection though. You---on the couch under a blanket with your boy asleep beside you and your cat curled up on your knees. My boys rarely fall asleep beside me on the couch because they've gotten so big its not comfy anymore (much sadness). But, you can find a cat curled up in my lap at some point on most days.

    BTW, if you happen to come to my blog...don't be turned off by how boring the layout is. I am trying to change it, but haven't quite figured it out yet.

    Anyway, I enjoyed yours today.


  5. What an awesome list :)

    My DL has the right height...but I MAY have subtracted a few pounds ;)

  6. What fun to know the little things about you that make you YOU! I wish my admittances could be half so endearing...

  7. I just love you for putting all of this out there. I love "what you see is what you get" type of people - and I'm working on being more like that myself. :)

    And I KNOW you are a hot tracker mama. :)

  8. That's hysterical... I love it!


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