Monday, October 27, 2008

A whole lot of spooky going on!

We are in full swing for Halloween. The UNscary version. We like spooky.
We had caterpillars for lunch,
Haunted Hot Chocolate
and we decorated the front to welcome trick or treaters.

I haven't lit my candles yet, they go in the little witch heads and the ghost hanging for the shepards hook. No, ghoulish gore here. You can get that down the street at the scream shack. (We call it that because that's what we hear all night long coming from the haunted house down the street) Butter thinks when she 10 she can go to it. YEH RIGHT!

As promised here is a look back at previous costumes.

Butter in her sweet little fairy outfit. Eating her spoils. It was freezing that night and we had her in her snowsuit and we only went to 5 houses. BRRRRR.

Aww, My little witch and her baby bat brother! How stinkin cute is that? Milder this year, but still cold. You get your costumes a size or two big because you WILL need winter clothes underneath. No joke!

Now for the scary part, Mad Mommy! I am going to have to get a new ring. AGAIN. I am having my "Platinum" ring checked out to see if it truly is platinum. I will say that I have a better attitude this time around. You could say I've had practice. My original ring set was white gold. Antique looking, princess cut diamond. Totally lovely, totally me. I had it sized after kids. They sized it too big. Resized. It wasn't up to par for me, redone again. Ok it fits. Two months later bubbly raised rash all around my finger. Allergic, I was told. Have to go platinum. Ok. The store calls it an upgrade. You PAY for upgrade. We did not want to pay for upgrade. We asked to give us a smaller diamond to cover the difference. NO. We came to an agreeable price. Only 3 rings to chose from. None Me. Got the one Hubby thought was most me. Really kinda flashy. I figured I could get a real upgrade in 10 years. I'd deal. So the other day I took my ring off to make meatloaf. Red, bubbly rash! ARGH!

I am sick to my stomach. I am going to the Dermatologist Monday to find out what the deal is. Then I need to find another jeweler to tell me if the ring is truly platinum, then depending on all that, I will go bust heads at Shane CO. Hubby has promised if all checks out at the Dr. we will find THE ring. Any suggestions for Jewelers?

We have a couple in mind to try. I'm SO leery of chain stores.

I realize this is so material and I can't take it with me. But gals, this was suppose to be our heirloom. Our symbol. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Can you give a girl some love she lost her bling...

Oh, and tell me if and what treats you will hand out this year to the trick or treaters.

Milky Way, Reeses, Whoppers, Almond Joy, Kit Kat and Hershey bars at our place. It was a big pack bag and our families candy bar is Milky way. It's the only one we all agree on.


  1. Cute costumes!

    I would suggest Jared Galleria. That's where we got our rings years ago, and we've had nothing but good service from them.

    Candy was going to be 100 Grand, Take 5, and Skittles, but judging by what's been eaten by us already, probably just Skittles. :)

    Actually, I'll probably make a trip to Target tomorrow to see if they have anything decent left on the shelves. What can I say? I like 100 Grand!

  2. Love your caterpillars, haunted hot chocolate and darling costumes! We are attending a party this week that was booked indoors to keep the kids from getting hot in their costumes. It's pushing 90 here in Vegas. Nearly November....that's just not right. So enjoy your chilly weather!

    And good luck with your jewelery. my set had to be cut off my finger during pregnancy #4. We were going to have it resized at Christmas, but oops, #5 is on the way.

    I enjoy your blog BTW. :)

  3. Very cute costumes. No scary halloween here either.

    Sorry about your ring! My friend got her ring at Shane Co and they loved it. I wonder if the people working there made the difference?

    Thanks for the welcome back.

    We are gone the whole time taking our kids around so don't get to hand out candy.

  4. Your pictures are great! :) Your header picture melts my heart.

    I'm so soryy about your ring. :( I totally get what a special symbol your ring is. I'm sorry for the jewler who messed with you if they indeed did. :) They are going to have to deal with a not so happy you... :)

  5. When I was pregnant with Piper, I had huge ugly rashes under my rings. (24K)I finally quit wearing them because they were so annoyingly itchy. I had a watch that I had to quit wearing as well. Basically no jewelery allowed. A few months after I had Piper, I tried my rings again, Nada. Nothing.
    I was good to go.
    I had Piper's ears pierced at 5 mos. When she was a year old, we discovered she was allergic to metal (among other things) Her allergy had transferred to me during pregnancy. Had I known, I never would have pierced her ears.
    I got her 24k gold earrings from the jeweler, he swore they'd be fine.
    They weren't.
    The only earrings she could wear without causing her grief, came from the dollar store.

  6. Oh, not that I'm suggesting you go ring shopping at the dollar store.

    TOTALLY not what I meant.

    Sorry if it sounded that way.

  7. aww that pix of them with all the leaves around them is priceless. and wow mom, how creative are you with food! my poor kids got tuna fish sandwiches in their lunch boxes today. how gross is that?!

    the ring thing? i've had that rash before. it was cuz my ring was too tight i guess. so reluctantly i can't wear my rings at the moment cuz i'm too darn fat. but it is the best motivation i've found to lose weight. it's always my determiner. mainly cuz it was my mom's rings and i can't bear to resize them. hmm, all this talk is making me think i need a new ring. how's that for an idea for christmas!?

    hope you get all this sorted out. a girl w/o bling can feel awfully naked! ;o)

  8. OK. Caterpillars? A-dor-able.

    I need to get my rings sized. It fits my college-sized finger, which I haven't seen in about 4 years. I keep telling myself I'll lose the weight. I'm just delaying the inevitable.

    Could you be allergic to platinum?

  9. Love the new header picture...that is just as sweet as can be.

    So sorry about all of the ring problems. Yes, I know it is just a material thing, but I hear ya, still means something to us, and with all the money you pay for it, you want it to be right. I am with you, I am leery of chain stores sometimes, too. Let us know what you find out!

  10. look at sara groovin' out! fun hearing music on here.

  11. Love the new header, love the pics of costume memory lane--darling!

    So sorry about the bling debacle--wish I had some great advice. Hope you get it all sorted out!

    Doing the better candy this year--lots of kids on the block, most all of them sweet friends to my kiddos. I also have little tubs of Play-Do, but some kids last year looked at those cute little Play-Do tubs as if I was handing out dog offal. So, I'm not sure if the Play-Do will move or not this year...


  12. Hi, I am popping over after a visit to Linda at Growin' With it.
    I love your caterpillers and hot cocoa! I should have taken photos of my bat chips, but, alas, I did not.
    You are hainv some problems with a rash under under your ring? Is it snaug? Do you take it off and dry your hands? Is it a wide band or a narrow one? I can not wear my original wedding band because it was a bit wide, and I would sweat under it, resutling in a raw finger. Gross, I know. I hope you find your answer soon.
    Cindy P :)


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