Friday, October 31, 2008

Party, Party, Trick or Treat

It has been a busy day. I helped in Butter, I mean Dorothy's class this morning. For some strange reason I thought it would be fun to ride the bus with her. Did I mention I didn't get my coffee this morning. It was NOT fun. Two of the little girls talked NONE stop to me. Member my rule while riding in cars/buses? No talky.
What was I thinking???
Normally I roll out of bed just in time to get her hair brushed and wave goodbye as she gets on the bus. This morning I needed to be presentable, other mothers, you know. Argh. I could have went in my jammies, it was the right day to be scary. While there ,I had to carve pumpkins with a table of kindergartners who couldn't decide what face they wanted on it. Yep, still no coffee. I'm just glad they didn't start throwing the glop from the pumpkins.
I was NOT riding the bus back home so I had Hubby come get me.
Roo did NOT want to be Scooby Doo. He begged and begged for a Scooby he wouldn't wear it. He cried. Tantrum. I told him he would spend the day in his room crying instead of parties and trick or treating if... The kid was still bottom-lipped when he went in his class, as soon as his teachers said "HI Scooby!" He started up again. They tried to ask him if he wanted to wear one of the costumes they had...I'll see the outcome of that when I pick him up. I think he looks really cute. (the pictures of him were taken the day we got the costume. See how happy he is!)
He's sensitive like his Mother, I guess. Butter even offered to share her party spoils with him. He screamed at her. I wonder if the scream shack needs another monster???
We are going to see G'ma Lorraine first, than it's back to the house for some french onion soup and off to trick or treat.
I hope you all are enjoying yourselves.
This Halloween has been well a scream!


  1. She's adorable! Mine is going to be a bumblebee. Fun times. We're taking her to Trunk or Treat at a local church tonight. :)

  2. What an adorable Dorothy outfit! The kids are just so darling. And your French Onion soup sounds DELICIOUS. I love it, and have never made it before. Last night was ham and bean over at our house. I think tonight will be a pizza.

    Happy Trick or Treat!
    p.s. we have a pirate and a cowboy marshall over at our house tonight!

  3. Glad Dorothy liked her costume, even if Scooby didn't! :)

    Next time you'll remember the coffee, too, I bet. Ha!

  4. There is no place like a preschool party! So glad that Dorothy had fun!! Scooby is adorable.

  5. Cute costumes! I remember being Dorothy one year!

  6. Your kids look so Freakin' Adorable! I love it!
    MMMMMMMMmmmmmm French Onion Soup, my favorite :)

  7. My friend, you are a brave brave Mama boarding the bus without coffee. :o)

    Your kiddies are ADORABLE!

    I gave you an award on my blog too!

    Blessings, Whitney


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