Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh did we have fun last night. It took Roo exactly 3 houses to dig his costume again. Everyone loved Scooby Doo and knew who he was. He loved being recognized. Butter, bless her sweet, knows what she likes heart...told our Neighbor she didn't like peanut butter...He laughed and asked her what she would like instead. Of course she TOLD him. He gave it to her and that set the tone for the rest of the night. She told EVERYONE who tried to give her peanut butter treats that she didn't like it. Rob thought it was funny, I thought it rude. Thank goodness we were in the shadows and it was dark. I kept telling her "You get what you get and don't throw a fit."
Her reply was "Mom, they want to know what I'd like instead of giving me bad candy."
They even got full size candy bars. Oh yes. Which one do you think Butter got. Yep, Reese's. Oh man I'm still laughing over that! I think she jinxed herself. The more she said it the more Reese's she got.
I am still in awe that it is November already. In just a few short weeks I will sit my big butt on the couch, drink my coffee and enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. AHHH.


  1. SHUT. UP! You've got a PARADE Button? Ooooh, can I copy that (er - flatter you that way) and add a countdown ticker? I'm a Huge Fan.

    Blessings, Whitney

  2. So...all of those Resse's could find a nice home over here. :)

    You gotta love a kid who really knows what she wants. I keep telling myself that my middle child, with the strongest of wills, will be the one who truly stands up for what he believes in the most. :)

  3. I use that exact saying about throwing a fit to my own kids. Glad they got the candy they wanted though.

  4. reese's...what is wrong with that child. ha haha!! i commend her for knowing what she likes and stickin' to it!! sounds like a fun night for everyone. love our new picture on top. beeeeautiful

  5. They both look so cute. What a fun Halloween, even with that picky anti-peanut butter Butter struttin' her opinion of peanut butter around the neighborhood :) TOO cute. Sorry, I think it's cute too. At least you know she knows how to stand up for herself-that's important :)

  6. How funny! She's learning early that you have to be upfront with people.

    My daughter only got 4 pieces of candy at the festival last night (she's 2 - what does she know about grabbing handfuls out of the sack?). I'm tempted to go steal her Kit Kat, but it would be pretty obvious something was missing when there's only 4 pieces in the bag. :)

  7. Oh my gosh! A girl without the love of peanut butter? Or, Reese's to boot??? Send 'em on over!! They would be hidden and devoured by week's end by yours truly ... yes, you heard me correctly, "hidden". I have a tendancy to stock pile sweets, especially since my hubby has ALL OF A SUDDEN sprouted a Sweet Tooth! Too many years living with me, I suppose! :) Glad to hear that you've all been enjoying your Halloween ... I can hardly believe that it's over!!

  8. Piper and Butter would get along great, Piper has a nut allergy, when she was three, she told every house we went to this: "Excuse me, I can't have nuts, Did you know, I'm allergic?" It was funny the first couple of houses, but I finally had to pull her aside and whisper fiercely: "We'll sort it out when we get home, no one cares if you have an allergy but us, so we'll deal with it later."
    Wouldn't you know, the next house we went to, off she went with her spiel. The lady bent down and said: "Oh Thank you so much for letting me know! I really appreciate that!"
    Of course, you coulda shot me in the foot right then! :)

  9. I'll gladly take the Reeses off Butter's hands! My thighs can thank me later...

    I totally dig the Macy's parade. I think I had to miss it one year and I was very, very sad.


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