Friday, October 24, 2008

Sneaky Sweet

My son Roo is sneaky sweet.

What does that mean?

Do you remember the day I was upset because Butter broke something and didn't have remorse?

Turns out she broke my reading light. (Yeh, I know ALL that over a reading light.) It's NOT about the light. It's about them being somewhere off limits. Playing with something not of theirs, not asking, breaking it and then not owning up to the deed or even caring about the outcome.

I love my light, I use it every night. The bulb burnt out on it. Dilemma, do I fork out $12.00 for 2 new bulbs or $15-$20 for a new led bulbed one? Plus another $12 for the adapter, because the adapter I already had didn't work...

I bought the new light. I'll use batteries. 2 weeks later light broken. Mama miffed!

I went and got another light. I was in bed reading...Roo comes in and sees the light sitting on my nightstand, he gives me one of those looks. The I'm so cleverly clever looks.

"Mommy, I touch it?" He asks.

"No, Roo, you know you are not to touch Mommy's light."

"Mommy, I not break it?" smiling oh so sweetly as his very tip of his finger touches to light.

I know what your doing pal.

"Roo," I say in my very best trying to sound stern voice." You are not suppose to touch the light."

He keeps doing it. All the while priding himself on how careful he is and how Mommy isn't yelling yet.

I can't HELP IT! I started to laugh! I really didn't mean to, but if ya'll could see his face...and that voice.

I grabbed him away from the light and kissed him up a bit. Then got serious.

"Roo, Do you remember the day mommy was crying?"

Of course he did he would ask me "Why are you sad? Butter do broke you wight?"

He remembers.

"Yes. You sad now?" He says.

"No, buddy I'm not sad now, but I would be really sad for you if you thought that touching Mommy's light was ok and then you broke it. You would feel bad and Mommy would be mad because she asked you and told you the light was not your toy..."

"I fweel weally weally bad..."

"Yes, you would."

He snuggled in. and smiled. "Mommy, I no touch your wight anymore."

"Ok, Roo. Thank you. You're such a thoughtful boy."

"Yes, and I nice too."

You sure are.
Like I was saying sneaky sweet.


  1. Oooh, that's my Max to a T! Sneaky sweet (said with a laugh and a smile) indeed! God love 'em. :o)

    Blessings, Whitney

  2. Oh gosh, this happens to me all the time! I try to enforce rules and discipline on my Princess and she's so darn cute I can't help cracking a smile and then it's all over. She's won. Grrr.

  3. He looks sneaky in that picture too :)

    You are such a good mom! What a brilliant response.

  4. his smile on the photo should be a poster for all boys' michievious smiles. adorable yet deadly! hee hee.

    what a tender moment with your curious kid. i loved the "weally" part. can just imagine how it sounded.

    way to go for taking the moment and enjoying it with your boy!

  5. Oh man - isn't it hard to follow through with discipline sometimes when all you want to do is laugh?? :) He sounds so sweet! :)

  6. How can you resist such sweetness? Even if it is a little sneaky? :) Oh my. I am a total sucker for the way these sweet toddlers pronounce their words...I will be so sad when my baby outgrows that and starts speaking "correctly".

  7. how precious. isn't is amazing how smart and manipulative they are at such a young age? good thing that the most outstanding thing about them is how sweet they are!

  8. Cute story. Sounds like you are doing a great job...sometimes they are so cute you have to laugh!

  9. What an adorable story! I think you handled that perfectly.

    I do the same thing when Anja is being horrible--I crack up and then I have to run around a corner or turn my head to hide my smile!

  10. I have one of those, too. He flashes some big blue eyes and bats those mile long eyelashes of his. Who can resist it?


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