Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where's the wrapping paper?

Just hear those sleigh bells jinglin' ...I mean registers chingelin'...
That is right, We have mass shopped and are nearly all done for Christmas. Just need stocking stuffers.
Wow, you may be saying...December is a very busy month. Our Anniversary falls on the 15. We celebrate Christmas on the 24 and Jesus' birthday on the 25. Butter's birthday on the 27 and Roo on Jan. 1.
So when I say we are nearly done with Christmas gifts, that means I'm only half done. I will tell you a secret though. Where the kids birthdays fall, I hit the after Christmas sells and never pay full price on their gifts. EVER. I go on the 26. It ROCKS. While most people are scouring for gift wrap and bow clearance, I'm cleaning house in the toys. Try it.
I'm really excited this year because the kids are getting less. YES, less. We chose a few small items and one big item. Santa will bring items that are shared. Butter is two part. We are getting her an American Girl doll. An American Girl Store is opening at Mall of America. (FINALLY) So for Christmas, she is getting the doll and on her birthday; we are taking her to the store for lunch and then she will be able to get her doll some new things. I will also be making lots of my cute little frames. If you'd like to get on my Christmas list I'll need a poem and address from you. Email me.
I'll make you a special gift. (For the first 7 of you, I'm not trying to kill myself with crafts.) Remember you must write me a little roses are red stuff either. I know you all can write; I've read your blogs. The best poem will get a bonus. The spirit of giving has kicked into full gear. And Thanks to Whitney; I am planning our big give to the food shelf. Our Fire dept. comes around the neighborhood collecting for the food shelf. They decorate the trucks and Santa sits on the top and waves. They give out candy canes to the kids and I bake the Fire "persons" cookies. It is one of our favorite ways to kick off the season of giving.
I am now going to disassemble toy boxes, put in batteries and wrap gifts. I have snoopers around here. Once the gifts are wrapped all they can snoop is whose name is on the biggest box. Silly Kids, Mama is smarter then that. I repack and box everything in different boxes so you can't tell what's in it. And I ALWAYS put MY name on the BIGGEST box. (Even if it's a tonka truck.) bwah ha ha ha.
Whose sneaky now?


  1. I love it that you take the time to change up the gifts so they are unrecognizable. You're such a good mom! And putting your own name on the biggest one...brilliant. I wonder when they'll catch on to that?

  2. So many goodies you have offered in tips! Shopping early ... sales ... LOVED the box change up (whew - I'd definitely have to start now. I can barely get the gifts wrapped in time!) ... and the winnner of "I'm gonna try that one!" is ... Mom's name on biggest box! BRILLIANT! Can't wait to see my daughter's face on that one! Hee! Hee!

  3. You make me laugh! And cry, and pray and thank the Lord, for new friends. Would it creep you out if I had to tell you I just love you in Christ so much it hurts sometimes. Well, hopefully not, cause now it's out there. :o)

    If you want a buddy for that MOA trip you let me know!! I'm beside myself excited for it to open; my daughter has a Bitty Baby. I've had plans for her 7th Birthday (5 years away but I'm a dreamer) to take her to Chicago for a Mom & Me weekend and spend a lot of it at the AG store/ cafe. Looky looky who'll be saving on gas now! Nah, we'll still go, I love a good road trip.

    Every year I want to clean out the after Christmas sales and every year something comes up (car, bill, etc.) so I miss out, but I'm ALL OVER Black Friday. Wanna go shopping at dawn, I'm your girl.

    Blessings, Whitney

    PS, Seriously? STILL laughing about your name on the biggest box!

  4. OK that is hilarious. I'm going to do that myself when mine gets old enough to understand whose name is on the box. :)

    And I want to see some of your frames! I'd love to enter this, but I'd be sitting here till new years trying to come up with a poem. :)

  5. You're so funny!
    I love your new picture too!

  6. That is a great idea to mix up the box sizes! You're so funny!

    I'm a bit trepidatious about the American Girl Store. I was thinking I would have a good excuse to use on Anja in a few years that the closest one is in Chicago. Not so much anymore...

    I think I would love to hit the day-after sales, but I'm always still with family during that time. You are one smart cookie to get your toys discounted!

  7. I love to shope the day after Christmas for toys too! And putting your name on the biggest box is good idea, how sneaky you are!


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