Monday, October 20, 2008

Sounds Fun

I was visiting all my blogroll this morning and Jackie@our moments our memories Made known to me this Siesta Fiesta ornament exchange. See side bar button. Sounds like fun. Now Whitney had suggested us MN Gals do this for our White Christmas gathering. I'm in for that too. I love ornaments I can go through my crates and tell you who and when I got it. Oh yes, you know that tradition of decorating your tree with your kids? I don't have that! I do it. The tree is my canvas, nobody touches the canvas. I need to get another tree for the children because I just feel scroogy not letting anyone decorate the tree. Last year I tried. I got all the lights on. Left the room and Hubby had let the kiddos put some ornaments on. GASP! I had to leave the room. When they finished the branches were hanging to the ground loaded with their ornaments. I killed me to sit there and look at it. Finally bedtime came and I was able to "adjust" the tree. Butter, wise little nut came up the next morning and said"Hey where's my fairy I put her here last night."
"Well, you see honey she didn't like being there. She is a fairy and fairies like to be up high so they can see what's going on. Pus she's glass and we wouldn't want her to get broken when we put gifts under the tree?
And you can tell which ones are special or expensive cause they are up top. The ones I don't care if the cat or dog get are at the bottom. And all those crazy cartoon ones the kids get from well wishers. Arghh. I'm going to shut my mouth right now and be gracious.
Are any of you this way? I'm starting to think I may need some therapy about this.
So who's in for an exchange!?!


  1. I totally get it, but I'm pretty much an all-around scrooge. Or maybe just lazy. All that decorating makes me tired just thinking about it. I know, so sad.

    Am I fired?

  2. Haha! I gave up on it long ago. Hubby and little boys outnumber obsessive cumpulsive me. :) SOmeday perhaps I will have a small tree all my own... :)

  3. OK I have to go read about this exchange because everyone is talking about it!

    I am the same way. I let my 2 1/2 YO hang the unbreakable, uglier ornaments on the bottom and I save the prettier ones for the top. And I often "rearrange" when no one is looking. :)

  4. We have a fancy tree and a family tree. And if I spend the entire Christmas season readjusting the fancy tree until it reaches perfection, take pictures, make charts, legends and spreadsheets, well then all the better for me next year right? Yeah. I get that kind of crazy too.

    Well you know, on the plus side, the family tree is a prelit jobber. So at least I'm not willing a dark spot to be filled when the kids decorate the family tree. And if I make minor adjustments when they go to bed and they are distracted by the very first presents under the tree the next morning... well then that's called Mama's Got A System.

    Blessings, Whitney

  5. I can't tell you all how releaved I am.

  6. I am a tree hog when it comes to decorating. I let the kids help kind of.
    All my ornaments match
    No unmatching ornaments are allowed on the tree, and I don't care who gave them to us.
    I display those elsewhere throughout the house.
    I allow the kids to help but it goes something like this:
    "Oh, the hook came out of this christmas ball, Deklan, since you're the oldest, can you put one in for me please?
    Piper, I need the little tiny silver stars... no not the medium ones, does that look big or little to you?
    Malachi, I'm really thirsty, can you get mommy a glass of water?"

    Yup, pretty much how it goes.

  7. I'm glad you're in! I think it will be so much fun, and of course since I love all things Christmas, I got sooo excited when I saw it.

    We are not quite to the stage yet where Savannah wants to decorate (or, wait...maybe we'll be this year...last year she was too little)...but I can already tell you I am going to have ISSUES with this tree decorating thing. I spend literally hours putting it up and placing each ornament just so, and I can only imagine the control freak that will come out in me when she starts piling all of the ornaments on the bottom branches. :)


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