Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Fine Day

As I was going through my day today, I was thinking back to yesterday and realized I had a darn near perfect day. I met new friends and enjoyed the company. I did a wee bit of buying. (I CAN shop and not buy anything and NO I do not call that browsing.) I got our outfits for holiday pictures. You know the dreaded we have to be all matchy and cute looking so our friends and family will think we have it together. Can anyone answer WHY? Yes, I know I can buck the system and just not do it. But honestly I don't want to be answering questions about why people didn't get a photo from us this year. It's enough that I made all the cards. I know it's not the cards people care about it's the pictures of the kids. They don't even care that we're in the picture. It's the KIDS and only the kids! Well, really I do it for the free 8x10 that goes on our wall. I don't even really do it for other people.
Wait, I was talking about my perfect was fun. I buy Hubby's cologne during Estee Lauder's gift time so I get a little something too. He wears Pleasures for Men. It is the only one that when mixed with "his" scent he doesn't smell like an old lady! Trust me on this. I have tried many colognes. They all end up smelling like an old lady fragrance by the end of the day. I'll crawl into bed and start sniffing..."What IS that?" Sniff sniff sniff..."OH. It's you. Yeck you smell like old lady!" It's the same with his deodorant too. Can only wear one kind. Now that you all know the lengths I go to for Hubby NOT to smell of old lady...
When I got home we headed for church. We go on Saturday nights because their are less people. Great message. It was about praying through your day. DID I not just come to that conclusion a few days ago? Ah, the work of the Spirit,always reinforcing.
After Church we had no idea what to do for dinner, Hubby suggested eating out. WELLLL, if we must. I vote for Buca. If we go out and I'm driving we're eating at Buca. Large Spaghetti, Small Chicken Marsala and the green beans. I was STUFFED! MMMMMMMMMMM!
After dinner we stopped at Fleet Farm. Their toyland opened this weekend! WOWSER! I can't wait to go back. My kids were in heaven. At one point there was this girl who was going up and down every aisle saying "I got this and this and this and this." pointing and everything. Butter asked "Mom, why does that girl keep saying that?"
"Well, because honey, she thinks she's going to get everything."
Butter : "Geez, that's really annoying."
My heart leaped. "Yes, it really is. I'm so glad you don't want everything."
Butter: "No not everything just what's in that aisle over there."
Yeh right!
After the kids were in bed Hubby and I snuggled and talked for awhile. He went to sleep and I dove into my third installment of Twilight.
So when I awoke today. I realized I had had a perfect day. With a little of all that I love packed nicely into one fine day.
Why does it now feel like the start of something new? Or something new is starting? I am open and waiting to whatever that is, unless of course it is a new someone...then ladies I can honestly say I am CLOSED to that. Cobwebbed up. No room at the inn. No bakey in the oven. No no a thousand time N-O.


  1. I love love love it that you had a great day. and that your husband smells like an old woman if not properly cologned. Hilarious.

  2. yippee ki yay...for your perfect day!! love saturday night services. so laid back and "cool". ahh, but being in the ministry means we still don't get sundays off. i don't know what buca's is but i'm craving a good spaghetti now!!

  3. So happy you had a great day! These days you don't hear too many people have them, lol, so all the more precious.

    If possible, you went up a notch higher in my book because you used the word "blather" in GWI's comments. I hope it doesn't creep You out that I just plain adore you. :o)

    Blessings, Whitney

  4. Great day! Hmmm, old woman huh? That's a new one, lol!

  5. Can you believe I have never been to Bucas? I'm not sure why I haven't...we have one here in town. But I think the Chicken Marsala is calling my name now...

    Gotta love kids and how early the materialism starts. :) My daughter has taken to flipping through catalogs and letting me know about all of the Dora and Diego paraphernalia she wants. :)

  6. Wow, your day sounds awesome! Glad you & hubby got some "ya'll" time. That's always really important.

    (And I'm glad he doesn't smell like an old lady, too1)

  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as you did, even if we didn't take your hint to come shopping... :)

    Read your comments at Heather's, and my dear, if you're getting 6 comments on every post and you've only been at this since this summer, I think you've already made a great lot of friends!


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