Monday, October 13, 2008


I have to update you all.If you noticed in my comments, you may have seen one from Dale. He works at Gertens and anytime Gertens is mentioned google lets him know and he checks it out. He loved my post on Friday...then he saw Sunday post. OOPS! I called him and we had a nice talk. It was so much better then writing a letter. He also assured me that the "real" Santa will be there at Christmas time. Thanks Dale for taking time to talk to me!

And just so you know I'm putting Gertens back on the List!


  1. your new look is g-o-rgeous!! cute photos. and very festive!

  2. I think the threat of snow literally flying out of your butt sealed the deal for the Gertens guy ;)

    Love it.

  3. LOL Yay for standing up for good service! :) So glad you didn't drown in the netti pot! ;) If you did, what would I read for hilarious blog material?

  4. Ha! I still think that Gertens should pay you for all of your advertising! :)

  5. Love the new header!! And I am CRACKING UP that Gertens has a personal stalker for you--I always thought I personal shopper would be cool--but I guess at their new prices, you get a personal stalker--cool!
    (hee hee!)

    Glad Gertens can go back on the list--I'll be waiting for the Santa update!!!


  6. So glad your voice was heard! Yeah for google! Maybe you'll get some free days there now!


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