Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Have A Winner!

Since my in-laws came back into town Tuesday, we immediately hit them up for babysitting! Last night Hubby and I went to the restaurant where we had our first official date nearly eight years ago. The Porterhouse. It was soooo good. The food wasn't bad either. How nice it was to sit with my sweetie, have a glass of wine and not talk about kids. He did say something interesting that I want to share. One of his friends likes to talk. Well, ok it's more like complain. About EVERYTHING.

I said "Yep, he's a complainer"

Hubby said " It's not really complaining, it's more like, making it known."

So when you feel the need to complain, RELAX. You are not complaining. You are "Making It Known."

(I've sat with this for hours and it still makes me chuckle.)

But that's not why your here.
You want to know who the winner is of the sweet little Friend Frame.
All the names went into my pink bucket. Butter was kind enough to help me draw the name out.

And the Winner is....



Email me at and then I can get it out to you.

If you didn't win don't worry; I plan to do more drawings...they are fun!


  1. congrats to linda ! aren't date nights great?!? we so need one!!

  2. Congrats Linda!

    That sounds like such a great date night! I'm SO jealous. Not that I'm complaining...I'm just "making it known."

  3. your blog is so cute! I love that "making it known" thought

  4. can i *make it known* that i love winning things?! selfish little brat that i can be!

    thanks Sara...i can't wait.

    btw, thanks for your kind words tonight. its nice to know i'm not the only bawl baby around! ;o)

    BIG hugs,

  5. Thank you for doing a give-away of something so beautiful!

  6. Wow! I can't wait to tell my husband that I'm not really complaining! I'm sure that he will be far less annoyed by my "making it known" in the future. LOL


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